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How To Start The Weazel Plaza Shootout Event In GTA Online

During the "Festive Surprise 2022" seasonal promo, the highly profitable "Grand Theft Auto Online" has featured tons of Christmas-themed fun for players to sink their teeth into. One of the more action-packed activities during this seasonal event is the Weazel Plaza shootout. Inspired by the movie "Die Hard," where a corporate Christmas party is overtaken by terrorists, the Weazel Plaza shootout is an in-game Random Event introduced during the "Los Santos Drug Wars" update – rewarding players with a powerful handgun if they participate and complete it. The shootout occurs on top of a skyscraper between a group of armed robbers and members of the LSPD.

Because of its classification as a Random Event, triggering it in-game in "Grand Theft Auto Online" isn't as simple as loading up the game, traveling to a specific location, and participating. For players to get a chance to act out their best John McClane impression and save the day at Weazel Plaza, it has to be timed just right. Here's everything gamers need to do in order to trigger the Weazel Plaza shootout.

Triggering the event requires timing

To trigger the Weazel Plaza shootout, the first thing players need to do is be in the game for at least 20 minutes (via Hard-Drive.net). Even after staying in the session for a while, it's also important to note that the shootout cannot be triggered at any moment — it's a timed event that only occurs between 8:00 PM (20:00) and 6:00 AM (06:00). After being in the game long enough and timing the approach to Weazel Plaza correctly, fans can trigger the random event.

The Weazel Plaza building can be found in Rockford Hills. Once the event starts, players will see a helicopter begin flying over the building, signifying that things are about to kick off. To trigger the event, players must be within 400 meters of Weazel Plaza during the hours the event can occur. Once the shootout has begun, ascend to the top of the building. GamerTweak recommends you use the Oppressor Mk 2 to do this, as it is arguably the most versatile air vehicle in the game. Still, if that's not available to players, a helicopter will work just as well.

At the top of Weazel Plaza, the objective will be to eliminate all robbers — not a difficult task if players are well-equipped. Once the armed Christmas bandits are eliminated, the WM 29 Pistol can be picked up as a reward. The Weazel Plaza shootout mission will be considered complete upon grabbing the weapon.