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The Worst And Best Killer Instinct Guest Character Of All Time

Fighting game series are known to occasionally bring in guest characters from other iconic franchises to join the fight. For example, "Mortal Kombat" has featured some big-name guest characters like Leatherface and Spawn. However, not all guest characters are received favorably. For example, the "Tekken" series is home to one guest character that almost everyone hates. And the "Killer Instinct" series is another fighting game series with some divisive guest characters.


Although the "Killer Instinct" series debuted in 1995 via arcades, it didn't feature any guest characters until it was rebooted in 2013. However, not all characters were initially available at launch, instead added as DLC throughout the game's lifespan. There have been three guest characters so far for "Killer Instinct," but considering the last "Killer Instinct" DLC character was released in 2017, fans aren't counting on more unless a new game releases. So now it's time to look back at the best and worst "Killer Instinct" guest characters.

Best: The Arbiter from Halo

"Killer Instinct" fans were ecstatic to see Microsoft's own Arbiter from the "Halo" series make an appearance in the "Killer Instinct" arena. The Arbiter's playstyle is that of an all-round character with strong pokes and an excellent mix-up game. Not only is he a solid pick in "Killer Instinct," but he is also unique with his equipment and visual style. Players need to carefully manage their Type-51 Carbine resource bar to use the character to its full ability. But that's not the only gear The Arbiter has.


The Arbiter also has his iconic energy sword, invisibility powers, and the Covenant's signature sticky grenades. Because The Arbiter's abilities and equipment were so true to the character's "Halo" counterpart, many found the alien a welcome addition to "Killer Instinct." Not to mention, he was an incredibly strong character, with players reminiscing about how the "Halo" legend dominated tournaments shortly after he was released.

Worst: Battletoad's Rash

Rash was arguably the most unexpected guest character added to "Killer Instinct." Rash is one of the main toads from the classic 1994 beat 'em up "Battle Toads." But because, at the time of his addition, "Battle Toads" hadn't received a series entry in 20 years, it came as shock to many, as revealed in the video's comments. And his playstyle proved to be just as surprising.


Rash is an extremely mobile character that sets the tempo of the match. To succeed, Rash players must play aggressively and juggle opponents in the air. But because Rash's gimmicky playstyle, many players hate to play against them. There are countless Reddit threads of players complaining about how they feel helpless against the menacing frog. On top of this, he is incredibly easy to pick up and play, leading some to believe that the character is a shortcut around actually learning the intricacies of the game

With that being said, it's safe to say if "Killer Instinct 2" ever comes around, there will be few begging to have this agile toad make a return.