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Is Atomic Heart Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Even with the packed release schedule of 2023, "Atomic Heart" is a game that stands out from the pack. There's a good reason for this, too, because the game is an entirely new IP and draws comparisons to the beloved "Bioshock" series.


Still, even if you're somehow unaware that this game is something of a spiritual successor to "Bioshock" and "Bioshock Infinite," the incredible trailers for the game are enough to sell its brutal, combat-heavy survival horror world on their own. Like with the "Bioshock" franchise, "Atomic Heart" takes place in an alternate history, this time with humanity beginning to explore robotic and cybernetic technology following the events of World War 2.

While the game has already been confirmed for many platforms, gamers who prefer the portable Nintendo Switch might wonder if they'll have the chance to dive into this exciting new franchise when it launches on February 21st, 2023.

As of now, there are no plans for a Switch release of Atomic Heart

Unfortunately, according to the official website of developer Mundfish, there are no plans at the moment to bring "Atomic Heart" to the Nintendo Switch yet. Currently, the only platforms listed are PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.


As is generally the case, this is likely due to the fact that the Switch just isn't as powerful of a console as the average gaming PC or rival consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Still, that doesn't mean it's impossible for "Atomic Heart" ever to be ported to the Nintendo Switch. However, even if it is, sadly, it will likely be the weakest version of the game in existence, like "The Witcher 3" (via IGN). Switch ports for expansive games like "Atomic Heart" are often seen as inferior to the versions that run on other hardware, which makes sense when you consider that the Switch is nearly 6 years old now and was already less powerful than Sony and Microsoft's previous generation hardware (via Pocket-Lint).


Still, with high-performance, fast-moving FPS titles like "Doom Eternal" already on the Switch and Cloud Versions of two other survival-horror FPS games in the form of "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" and "Resident Evil Village" (via Nintendo Life) the possibility of a port of "Atomic Heart" for Nintendo's popular console-handheld hybrid remains open in the future.