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How To Beat The Kyurem Raid In Pokémon Go

In "Pokémon Go," raids remain a great way to connect with other trainers by working together to take on challenges. They also provide a means for catching rare and powerful Pokémon that seldom, if ever, turn up in the wild. At the moment, players should consider taking on the Kyurem raid.

Kyurem, a rare Ice/Dragon type, debuted in Generation 5 and even served as the mascot for "Pokémon Black 2 and White 2." It's also become a viable option in the "Pokémon Go" PvP scene lately after receiving some changes to its possible moves (per GamePress). Whether for battling or just to fill out their collection, Pokémon trainers should secure a Kyurem while they can. Doing so won't be easy, however.

Before they can try to catch it, players need to defeat Kyurem in a raid battle. Kyurem is a Five-Star Raid, the highest level of difficulty, so trainers should expect a challenge. Going in without a plan will almost certainly lead to defeat. Fortunately, with proper strategy and preparation, trainers can overcome the encounter and draw one step closer to claiming their own Ice Dragon.

Countering Kyurem's dual-type

Kyurem's dual-type presents a unique challenge to trainers. When facing Dragon-type Pokémon, Ice-types typically act as good counters, but Kyurem doesn't have this weakness. Instead, players should build a team around Fairy, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-types. All these options will have more of an effect against Kyurem as attackers and Fairy and Steel-types can resist at least some (all in the case of Steel) of Kyurem's potential attacks. While some may suggest Dragon-type Pokémon, trainers should mostly avoid them, as Dragon-types, apart from Dialga, will suffer more from Kyurem's abilities.

Within these types, trainers should prioritize taking the most powerful and highly-leveled Pokémon they have available. Bringing the wrong Pokémon could spell disaster, but so could taking the right Pokémon without enough power to stand up to a Five-Star Raid. Still, some options stand out if a trainer has leveled them up a sufficient amount.

Bring the right counters and some other trainers

PokémonGoHub recommended Mega Blaziken with Fighting moves, Mega Aerodactyl with Rock moves, and Mega Scizor with Steel moves, among others, for taking on the Kyurem raid. Those without many Mega Pokémon can go with the Poké Genie app which listed Terrakion with Fighting moves, Metagross with Steel moves, and Lucario with Fighting moves as some of the best counters. Finally, Pokémon.com offered a list of counters broken down by type that includes Machamp for Fighting-type fans, Tyranitar for Rock-type, Dialga for Steel-type, and Gardevoir for Fairy-type. 

Whether they use a team of these suggestions or others of the same type, players should be in good shape as long as they have their Pokémon powered up properly. After putting together a roster, they should then team up with some other trainers. Players will want a group of at least three people with Pokémon teams of level 30 and above to have a good chance of overcoming Kyurem (per PokémonGoHub). Ideally, bring as many friends as you can find.

With the right team (both human and pocket monster), beating Kyurem should present less of a struggle. From there, simply cross your fingers as you attempt to actually catch it.