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Valkyrae Reveals Why She Doesn't Stream GTA Roleplay Anymore

Valkyrae is one of the most prominent female streamers online. The GameStop turned gaming queen is known for playing games like "Among Us" and, more recently, "Grand Theft Auto Online" via the popular NoPixel server. However, fans noticed that she isn't hopping into "GTA Online" anymore. During Kkatamina's New Year's Eve stream, shared by Twitter user MyaForDayz, Valkyrae explained that the "GTA Online" community is too overwhelming to enjoy.

Kkatamina initiated the conversation, saying, "I feel like some people just take it too serious." Valkyrae agreed, noting that, for her, the hardest part is relearning how to play the game every time she wants to play. Kkatamina then brought up chat and how she enjoys watching others stream "GTA Online," until she sees the streamer start getting frustrated. And that's when Valkyrae opened up about her experiences.

Valkyrae said, "It's definitely the community, the game's community, that pushed me away. I just can't handle that kind of crazy." She said the roleplaying community is explicitly "scary" for those who make mistakes, listing things like forgetting story moments or people in the game as enough to set some players off. Valkyrae also pointed out that forgetting roleplaying rules can also be punishing, and that's something the streamer had one particularly rough experience with. 

Valkyrae's positive spin

One Twitter user pointed out the time that Valkyrae got flamed for trying to sell an ultra-rare Boe card, a move that many called disrespectful because of its value to the roleplaying community (via Dexerto). The community was hard on her because of the situation, though combined with the other mishaps Valkyrae discussed in the clip, it's clear that the community caused her distress over more than just this one incident.

However, despite her past problems with the game, Valkyrae ended the conversation on a positive note. She explained that while overwhelming, it was nice to see a server so dedicated to something they love. This sort of positive spin is exactly on Valkyrea's brand, embodying love and peace despite whatever issues she may have with the community.

There have been plenty of things that have caused Valkyrae to step away from games and streaming in general, but this may be the first time she's completely abandoned a game because of the intense community. And judging by how some in the community responded to Valkyrae and Kkatamina, it may be best that they stopped streaming and roleplaying the game.