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The One App Pokémon Go Players Need To Have

"Pokémon Go" launched back in 2016 and quickly won over fans of the iconic series and AR game enthusiasts. While relatively small and simple when it released, the game has undergone a stunning transformation, becoming increasingly complex. New features like PvP battles and raids have been added, and hundreds of Pokémon have been introduced. For those that started playing when it was first released, "Pokémon Go" looks like a completely different game today. This added depth has made the game much more fun, but it's also made it harder to be the best trainer one can be.


With so many Pokémon available, each with stats to keep track of, regularly changing raids and research tasks, and an ongoing PvP meta with its own intricacies, it can be overwhelming for some to keep track of everything. Fortunately, a companion app is available for both iPhone and Android users that helps trainers keep track of all this information and makes playing the game far easier and more fun.

Poke Genie is an app that seamlessly works with "Pokémon Go" players to track and manage their Pokémon, build teams, develop strategies for PvP battles, and even find and participate in raids with players around the world. For committed players that want to truly excel in some aspect of the game, Poke Genie is an app they absolutely need to have.


Manage Pokémon and track stats

Anyone who's been playing "Pokémon Go" for a while has likely expanded their Pokémon storage several times over and now has a collection of hundreds of pocket monsters. Some may be meant for fighting gym battles, while others are for certain raids. Some may be ideal for taking part in Great League PvP while others are best for Ultra League. Keeping track of all these Pokémon, even with the use of tags, can be a massive task. Poke Genie, however, makes this much easier.


By taking screenshots of the Pokémon they have, players can upload them to Poke Genie, which will store them and even keep track of their IVs for those that care about this stat. Once a collection has been stored, players can search and order their Pokémon by various values, from Pokémon level to specific IVs, CP, and even based on how good they are for different battle leagues. On the topic of battle leagues, Poke Genie also makes it much easier to construct the perfect team for different types of PvP battles.

Build teams for battle leagues

Those immersed in PvP know that perfect IVs aren't always best for certain battle leagues. While maxed out IVs and the highest possible CP are best for Master League, Great and Ultra League set limits on CP values. Further, it's sometimes better for a Pokémon to have less than perfect IVs so that it can be powered up more before crossing a certain CP threshold.


This is a notably complex element of the meta with every Pokémon having different ideal IVs for a given league. PvP enthusiasts will devote themselves to tracking IV values and building teams of Pokémon that are best for each league. This can be a time consuming endeavor as it requires evaluating each Pokémon and checking its IVs against what IV levels are best. Poke Genie streamlines this whole process.

As Pokémon are added to one's collection in Poke Genie, the app checks their IVs and determines how good they would be for each battle league. By looking at Pokémon in their collection, a trainer can see its IVs and also how close it is to being ideal for Great and Ultra League (shown as a percentage). It's even possible to order one's collection by how good Pokémon are for each league.


With this feature, players can identify which Pokémon would work in different leagues as they catch them and be sure to tag them as such, building teams over time and avoiding accidentally overpowering a Pokémon and disqualifying it from the league it's best for.

Raid with players around the world at any time of day or night

While some trainers focus on battling in PvP, others like to cooperate to go on raids. The challenge has always been finding friends to raid with. Originally, trainers needed to be physically at a gym to take part in raids. This was tough for trainers that didn't have many friends living near them, for rural players in particular, and for everyone during the height of the Covid pandemic and social distancing.


To make things easier, Niantic changed "Pokémon Go" to allow players to invite friends to take part in remote raids. This meant that players could now raid with each other while apart but it still required that players be friends with one another, limiting its use. Poke Genie changes this.

In the app, players can see all raids that are currently happening in the game and sign up to be matched with others that want to go after a certain Pokémon. One player, who wants to host the raid and is near an active raid in the real world, will be able to connect with other players in the lobby and invite them to remote raid with them. Thanks to this matching system, players can raid with people they've never met from around the world and even take part in raids in the middle of the night when no raids occur near them. Gathering a group to go after those tier 5 Pokémon need never be a challenge again.


And lots more

On top of these major features, Poke Genie also offers other bonuses that make any trainer's life a bit easier. A handy type effectiveness chart lets players quickly figure out which types of Pokémon will be effective attackers or defenders against others. A move list lets players see all the various quick and charge moves available and which Pokémon can learn them. There's even a battle simulator where trainers can see how different matchups might play out under different circumstances.


With all this at hand in a single app, Poke Genie is a must-have for trainers that want to take their game to the next level. Plenty of veteran players swear by it and can't see playing the game without it.

On the journey to be the best there ever was, Poke Genie is a tool that will serve would-be Pokémon masters very well.