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High On Life: How To Easily Beat The Skate Park Challenge

"High On Life" is full of creator Justin Roiland's distinct comedic style. This sense of humor has divided critics and led to lots of Easter eggs and things only adults will notice. Much of the comedy is geared toward poking fun at video games, gaming tropes, and the industry in general. From crossing the invisible line that other games avoid, to taking a shot at gaming critics, there's lots of meta-humor and gaming references. Among these moments is an homage to skating games its own skate park challenge.

On their travels, players may find themselves at an alien skate park and be challenged by some teens — they very much want people to know they're teens — to take on the course. Accepting the challenge will task players to score at least 42,069 (get it?) points by zipping over the park using the tether and backpack.

Pulling this challenge off will earn a Luglox Chest and is a part of completing the Seeing All the Sights achievement (per Destructoid). As such, players, and especially completionists, will want to track down this skate park and complete the challenge before the end of the game. Fortunately, this challenge is more about the skating jokes than skating gameplay, so it won't be all that difficult.

Stay in the air and use the tether

Getting to the skate park is easy enough. Players can head to Blim City, buy the skate park Warp Disc from Blorto, and then take it to a Warp Zone (per DualShockers). After warping, the park and the teens will be impossible to miss. Simply approaching the teens to accept their offer will trigger the challenge.

Once the challenge begins, one just needs to score lots of points quickly and the best way to do that is by taking to the air (per Sportskeeda). Swinging from point to point and using the jetpack is a great way to rack up points and multipliers. Dropping onto ramps and rails and spinning will also score points but, by far, tethering is the optimal way to increase one's score (per DualShockers). Finally, it's important to actually hit the ground before the timer is up to ensure the combo is completed and the points are scored (per Destructoid).

Just keep swinging and jumping while the teens shout encouragement below, and the screen flashes ridiculous yet plausible names for the tricks being performed, and the score will skyrocket up.