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The Best Vaznev 9K Loadout For Warzone 2.0

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0" may favor longer-range weapons and playstyles at the moment, but plenty of people still like to fight up close. As a means to catch opponents off guard by rushing them or for situations when an operator finds themselves in tight quarters, a weapon that deals damage at short to medium range serves as an ideal option. For those times, players should consider an SMG.

Among SMGs, the Vaznev 9K stands out as an excellent weapon to bring into battle. Dot Esports noted that it has already proven itself in "Modern Warfare 2," with "Warzone" players now adopting it. The Loadout also praised it for its mix of power and speed. Whether as a primary weapon or as a backup paired with a long range option, The Vaznez 9K merits consideration.

Of course, choosing a weapon is only the first step in preparing for "Warzone 2.0" combat. To truly dominate the competition, it's vital to construct the proper loadout that enhances the weapon and serves a winning strategy.


With the Vaznev 9K built for fast movement and quick engagements at shorter ranges in "Warzone 2.0," any attachments should support this strategy. You can't go wrong with the FSS OLE-V laser, which will increase ADS and sprint-to-fire speed, both of which play a vital part in the run-and-gun style of the SMG (per Sportskeeda).

Next, players should take the advice of Rock Paper Shotgun and add an XTEN RR-40 barrel for sound suppression to stay stealthy while stalking foes. This barrel also increases damage range to ensure that the SMG will be effective at medium range and improves recoil. For even greater mobility across the board, PCGamesN and Dot Esports both recommend a Markeev R7 stock, while The Loadout suggested the True-Tac grip.

Finally, pretty much everyone agreed that the Vaznev 9K needs a 45 Round magazine. With the high rate of fire of SMGs and the fast-paced combat involved with this strategy, running out of ammo in the middle of a fight presents a major danger. Bringing an extended magazine helps prevent this and keeps an operator in the fight longer.


For perk packages, "Warzone 2.0" operators can take two approaches while using the Vaznev 9K: Weapons Specialist or Specter.

Those that want some flexibility and the means to fight at long range when caught in open space should go with Weapons Specialist. The Overkill base perk, which allows a player to carry a second primary weapon, serves as the selling point of this package. Players should use it to take a longer range weapon, like an assault rifle or sniper rifle. On top of this, Weapons Specialist provides the Spotter bonus perk for help avoiding enemy traps and the Survivor ultimate perk for a better chance of getting revived when downed.

Those who want to fully commit to close range combat, however, won't care about the Overkill perk or an extra weapon. For them, Rock Paper Shotgun and Dot Esports both suggested the Specter package. This package provides Double Time and Tracker as base perks, providing the speed to get in close to foes and the ability to see their footprints to sneak up on them. On top of that, the Ghost ultimate perk will help with stealth and, when combined with the silenced Vaznev 9K, will make an operator the ultimate silent assassin.


For equipment, Dot Esports made a strong case for the Stun Grenade. For a build that emphasizes speed and getting in close, a piece of tactical equipment that can slow opponents down presents the perfect complement. Just toss it when entering a building or when an enemy is too far away to engage effectively to level the playing field.

Dot Esports also argued for Semtex for lethal equipment. A solid choice for most builds, it's always handy to have a lethal grenade available and its stickiness elevates it above the standard Frag Grenade which can be hard to aim and control. Of course, an explosion is never good for stealth but it could save an operator's life when cornered or outnumbered. Also, someone using this loadout will move too much to make use of claymores or other stationary equipment. 

With this Vaznev 9K loadout set, a "Warzone 2.0" operator can take enemies wielding sniper rifles and assault rifles by surprise through stealth and speed. Just avoid open fields and keep moving.