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The Most Frustrating Boss In The Bayonetta Series

The Bayonetta series is no stranger to over-the-top action sequences and stylish set pieces. Bayonetta herself is often the source of extravagant spectacle thanks to her outlandish costume transformations and, in "Bayonetta 3," her enormously powerful Demon Slave attacks

Bayonetta isn't alone in being able to put on a show, however, as the bosses throughout the games are full of visual flair themselves. Of course, with said visual flair can either come a "Devil May Cry" reference for hardcore fans, or a difficulty spike so severe that the boss fight itself is an entirely optional challenge for truly dedicated players.

There's no shortage of lists on the internet ranking the difficulty of Bayonetta's battles against her greatest foes across her trilogy of games, but plenty of these lists agree that one opponent, in particular, is the most frustrating of all. No, it isn't any of the angels constantly seeking to off Bayonetta. Instead, it's one of the umbra witch's closest allies. 

Rodin takes loads of work just to unlock his battle

While Bayonetta does a lot of her fighting solo, she'd have a harder time getting the gear she needs without her acquaintance Rodin. Things would probably be even harder for Bayonetta if Rodin wasn't on her side. This weapon-dealing, bartending pal of Bayonetta's is an optional boss within the "Bayonetta" trilogy, and he's also the hardest fight there is in the series according to MojoPlays. In fact, he's so challenging that he even made it onto WhatCulture's list of the hardest optional bosses in gaming.

One of the things that makes Rodin's fight so frustrating is simply being able to challenge him in any of the Bayonetta titles. In the first "Bayonetta," players hoping to duke it out with Rodin (or Father Rodin, as he's called during the fight) must first have collected 10 million Halos throughout their entire playthrough. Players don't need to have 10 million on their person, but all Halos they've acquired and otherwise spent must total 10 million. Doing this will cause the Platinum Ticket to be available in Rodin's shop for a whopping 999,999 Halos.

Yet, it's a bit easier to unlock Rodin's fight in "Bayonetta 3" — as IGN points out, all one needs are 999,999 Seeds to purchase the Platinum Ticket. However, Segment Next shows that the process of unlocking Rodin's boss battle is definitely the hardest in "Bayonetta 2" since players will need to purchase the Platinum Ticket for 9,999,999 Halos. Of course, doing all of this in any of the games is nothing more than simply making the fight with Rodin accessible!

Rodin is an extreme challenge in each Bayonetta title

Over on Reddit, fans have their differing opinions on which "Bayonetta" title has the most difficult fight with Rodin, but they all agree that Rodin is certainly tough. As MojoPlays puts it, "His attacks are incredibly powerful, but also unpredictable. Not only can he pack a punch, he can also take them with relative ease as Bayonetta's most powerful attacks are easily blocked or countered as Rodin effortlessly glides around the arena." This only refers to Rodin's fight as Father Rodin in the original "Bayonetta," but things could be slightly easier for players in "Bayonetta 2." 

As Segment Next says, players could have it a bit easier taking down Rodin in "Bayonetta 2" if they have unlocked and choose to play as Rosa. This is likely due to the fact that Rosa's attacks deal three times as much damage as Bayonetta, but, of course, she also takes three times as much damage. So, perhaps, this is an easier recommendation for players who can dodge Rodin's attacks more easily.

Finally, in "Bayonetta 3," Rodin is fairly similar to his appearance in "Bayonetta 2." He has an enormous amount of health and a few new moves including the ability to generate an obliterating black hole, but — should players come out victorious — they'll earn more than just the Rodin weapons that came with beating Rodin in "Bayonetta" and "Bayonetta 2." Besting him in "Bayonetta 3" adds Rodin as a summonable and extremely powerful Demon Slave. Wherever players decide to fight Rodin, they had best be ready for an extreme challenge.