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The Single Most Brutal Moment Of Choo-Choo Charles

"Choo-Choo Charles" is a game that tasks players with a simple mission: Kill the sentient monster train with spider legs haunting an isolated island. While the task itself may seem simple (despite the grotesque horror chasing players across the island), players will spend the majority of their time with the game preparing for that final showdown. But before players start scouring the island to find Santiago's Journal or scrap to keep their locomotive running, they'll need to come to terms with the fact that "Choo-Choo Charles" will do everything in its power to scare participants away.


Between the armed opposition of some island natives and the spider train himself, Charles, even players trying to stay on their toes are bound to experience a scare or two. The game is full of brutal moments, both scripted and random — like when Eugene abruptly introduces gamers to Charles through a surprising and tragic (and admittedly humorous) death early on in the title. That said, there's one moment in the game that several fans have agreed is the most brutal occurrence in the game — and it may catch some by surprise.

Hell Charles is nothing to mess with

Once players have collected the red, green, and blue eggs and feel that their locomotive is up to the task, they can trigger a final fight with Charles. After players insert the three eggs into the mechanism in the temple, a cutscene will occur where Warren Charles III tries to stop the protagonist. However, it's quickly revealed that the player's actions completed a ritual that makes the train Charles all the more terrifying.


After Charles consumes the eggs in the temple, the sky darkens, the moon becomes red, and the monster grows larger. Hell Charles maintains all the hallmarks of his original form, but the oddity becomes even more imposing, crawling on lava-streaked spider legs and circulating an electrifying field of energy. From here, all players can do is run back to their train and hope they've prepared enough for the final fight.

Commenters on a YouTube video showcasing the boss encounter in "Choo-Choo Charles" agreed this turn of events proved unexpected and brutal. Rianne Mulder said, " When he first did that charge animation thing during the HELL charles boss fight i tought he was gonna shoot some beam at me," with Sussy Gamer coloring the depiction of the boss, saying, " Hell Charles is epic."


And it wasn't just the design of Hell Charles that players find brutal; the encounter is proving quite challenging, too — with one player reporting it took almost two whole hours to conquer.