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Choo-Choo Charles: How To Find Santiago's Journal

One wouldn't normally expect a game called "Choo-Choo Charles" to have a particularly big or complex open world to explore — but Two Star Games' newest horror indie title hides some hair-raising gameplay behind its deceptively light-hearted name. Taking the internet's favorite mod to a whole new level, "Choo-Choo Charles" has the player running for their life from the eponymous train-monster's macabre smile as they gather scrap to upgrade their own train (sans sentience and spider legs) for a final showdown.


It's not just the player and Charles on the ruined island setting, however — there are tons of NPCs across the map who offer lore as well as pieces of scrap in return for minor favors. One such minor favor comes from an NPC called Santiago and presents an easy opportunity to grab some extra scrap to help in your counter-locomotive endeavors. Here's how to find Santiago and his journal in "Choo-Choo Charles."

Santiago left his journal in his house

The quest to find and return the journal is appropriately called "Journal Returnal" and is only started by locating and speaking to Santiago first. According to Item Level, he's the "Unmet NPC" with an "Optional Mission" marked on your map towards the eastern edge of the island. Apparently, Santiago is a ship captain itching to leave the clutches of the deadly spider-train, and is willing to part with some scrap if you fetch him the journal he forgot at home.


Luckily, the journal isn't too far away or hard to find — your map will automatically mark the quest objective after you've finished speaking with Santiago, and it's a matter of safely trekking up there and back with your limbs intact. You can follow the path leading north and then take the left side of the fork to reach his house, where you'll find the bright yellow journal sitting on a table inside. Take it, make your way back to the docks, and present it to Santiago for your reward.