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Hitman 3: The Safe Code In Alexa Carlisle's Office In Dartmoor

IO Interactive, developers of the "Hitman" franchise, recently announced that "Hitman 3" would be rebranded as "Hitman: World of Assassination." With this change, the entire "World of Assassination" trilogy – from 2016's "Hitman" to 2021's "Hitman 3 – will be sold under one roof as a single game. Previously, players who owned the first two games in the trilogy could access them through "Hitman 3." Now, "Hitman 3" players that haven't purchased those games will have them added at no extra cost.

With the game frequently receiving discounts, this news might draw in new players and introduce them to "Dartmoor," one of the most memorable levels in "Hitman 3." While solving a murder mystery and getting in the middle of the petty issues of the ultra-wealthy, Agent 47 is primarily tasked with killing Alexa Carlisle and retrieving a case file from her office safe. As with most tasks in the "Hitman" franchise, players can handle this objective in multiple ways.

Unlocking the safe requires the player to pay attention to their surroundings

There are two methods to retrieve the file, and one has nothing to do with the safe in the office. Across from the third-floor office is a locker room where players can find a note. It reveals that Rebecca Carlisle and Mr. Fernsby – the butler – each possess half of a token. This token allows the file to be accessed away from the manor after the mission. Gamers can opt to incapacitate the two and retrieve their halves to complete the objective.

The other option is more involved as it requires Agent 47 to open the safe in the office. The main obstacle will be gaining access to the office, which can be done by either obtaining a disguise from one of the guards or solving the murder mystery while disguised as the detective. When prompted, walk up to Alexa's desk and press the button under the chair. This will open a secret hatch in a nearby wall, revealing the safe. Above the safe are four pictures that correspond with items in the office. Near each object will be a number, and those numbers make up the safe code when put together. The puzzle is simple enough, but for those who'd rather not spend their time doing so, the code is 1975.

If Alexa has already been dealt with, the player can find the nearest exit and complete the mission.