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Vampire Survivors: How To Find The Coffin In Gallo Tower

There's more to "Vampire Survivor"' than the Endless Mode. With a whopping total of 49 playable characters — some of them added with "The Legacy of the Moonspell" DLC — the recent indie hit "Vampire Survivors" is a perfect treat for completionist bullet hell enthusiasts to dig into. Some of the characters are unlocked by default, some of them are unlocked by advancing certain quests or leveling up certain weapons, and some are found via hidden coffins scattered across the 14 levels.


With the DLCs, there are a total of six coffins to discover throughout the game. Once you find them, you'll have to defeat a few enemies and then pay the uncovered character's recruitment fee, as usual, to unlock them for use. However, the finding is sometimes easier said than done, as is the case with the coffin in Gallo Tower — here's how to locate Concetta Caciotta's Gallot Tower coffin in "Vampire Survivors."

It's hidden behind a mirror

Coffins are marked by a question mark on the Milky Way Map acquired from the Dairy Plant stage (via Fandom) and are usually simple to find — however, players might find that there is no coffin near the appropriate part in Gallo Tower. According to Polygon, you'll have to do a bit of vertical footwork around the question mark, traversing the tower until you come across a floor that "has a mirror on the left and a fireplace on the right." The mirror's slight glow gives it away — if you walk into it, you'll find yourself in a whole new area with the coffin and a cadre of enemies waiting for you at the end of it. Defeat the enemies, open the coffin, and then you'll be able to unlock Concetta Caciotta in the main menu by paying her fee, which starts at 1000 coins and scales with how many characters you've unlocked so far (via Fandom).