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Markiplier Is Making A Movie

YouTube star Markiplier is adding another jewel in his creative crown – the YouTube star announced that he has a film in the works during his live stream of "Crimson Snow" on January 12. It's official: Markiplier is making a movie.


About halfway through playing some "Crimson Snow" in front of his live audience – one of many scary games he's dabbled in – the streaming sensation unexpectedly announced, "Did you guys know I'm making a movie?" He quickly pivoted back to gameplay after dropping that bomb on his fans, but they didn't have to stay in suspense for long. A few minutes later, he again spoke on the topic: "Oh yeah, right guys, yeah, I'm making a movie." He even added in some air quotes for sarcastic flair, adding, "Why would I do that, I'm just a YouTuber. I don't know how to make a movie."

Near the end of his video, Markiplier once more addressed his cinematic news as the credits for "Crimson Snow" rolled. He said, "yeah, yeah, I'm making a movie. You'll find out more about it soonish, but I just wanted to hype you up a little bit about it. It's something [that's] going to be very cool, not like my other projects that I've made. And yes, but it is going to be like my other projects that I made in that I'm making it, and some familiar people are helping me make it, so. It's going to be very fun, very special, very exciting."


Markiplier has produced, written, and directed two YouTube originals before: "A Heist With Markiplier" and "In Space With Markiplier," the latter of which was nominated for an Emmy. That being said, there's reason to believe his first feature film could be a hit.