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Where To Find The Gun Van In GTA Online

The "Los Santos Drug Wars" update added lots of new content to "GTA Online" when it launched in December 2022, with more cool features following for fans to enjoy. The Gun Van, a new source of weaponry to compete with AMMU-NATION, numbers among the additions. The Gun Van gives players another option for arming up and it even provides some extra benefits for those still on the fence.

While it has a more limited selection, the Gun Van's weapons come at a lower price and carry no Rank restrictions (via PC Gamer). Further, it boasts some rare and powerful weapons that players have little to no chance of acquiring through another source (per GamesRadar+). Notable among these is the Railgun, a sci-fi weapon previously unavailable for purchase in-game and only usable during certain missions and modes.

The Gun Van has a lot to offer, but it also moves around and shows up at a different location every day. Players on the hunt for new weapons will need to put in some work ... or they can follow a couple of tips to track it down quickly.

Get the Gun Van's daily location before heading out

On YouTube, GTA Series Videos revealed that the Gun Van will appear in one of thirty different locations during its daily rotation. When a player gets to the right place, they should see the vehicle parked with its rear doors open and a man sitting in the back. Some may want to keep the challenge and run through the possible spots until they find it. Others, however, may prefer to cut to the chase and head straight to the van whenever they want to go on a buying spree. The latter group can take advantage of an easier method.

Anyone who wants to find the Gun Van quickly can head to the interactive map from GTAWeb.eu. This map allows players to view the island of "GTA Online" and even add and remove markers to indicate various points of interest. With the addition of the Gun Van to the game, a new marker has been added to the "Others" category. Scrolling down and clicking "Gun Van" will cause an icon to appear on the map, telling players where they can find the vehicle on a given day. No need for endless driving and searching — just shopping and shooting.