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This Creepy Spirit Is Making His Debut In Hades 2

"Hades 2" follows the story of the original game with Melinoë, the sister of one big person missing from the trailer (Zagreus), on a quest to defeat the god of time, Chronos. She meets multiple new characters, some of which fans got to see in the early trailer from the Game Awards 2022.


One of these characters is Moros, a horned spirit with ash-gray skin and long white hair who appears early in the trailer. If his character matches his reputation from Greek mythology, then players will likely experience some cryptic encounters with the "personified spirit of doom."

Moros already has a connection to existing characters in "Hades" based on mythology, so Supergiant Games could possibly play with those connections when developing his character. Moros, Thanatos, and Hypnos are all known to be children of Nyx (but are also sometimes cited as children of Erebus). It seems that while Thanatos and Hypnos as twins, Moros is simply their sibling. The Keres, who are listed as their sisters, are even more feral as the goddesses of cruel and violent death.


However, Moros' personality is still largely a mystery, so it's hard to predict how he will interact with characters in the game. Here's what else you should know about Moros, and why he might creep out players.

The doom that leads to fated death

According to the Greek mythology encyclopedia Theoi, Moros represents the kind of doom that "[drives] man towards his fated death." In that sense, he embodies that creepy concept of impending death, rather than death itself. In contrast, his brother Thanatos is more aligned with the aspects of physical death and is responsible for bringing souls to the Underworld.


In the trailer, Moros tells Melinoë, "This is an opportunity for you to make a better future for us all." It suggests that Moros thinks positively about her journey into the Underworld, despite how daunting it might seem to take on a titan and his forces to save her father. It's a surprisingly uplifting message from someone labeled as "Doom Incarnate." So maybe he's not as morose as the actual mythology suggests. After all, "Hades" developers still took care to create unique personalities for Thanatos and Hypnos while still obviously referencing the original mythology.

The in-game lore about Moros is pretty thin, so there isn't much to go off of besides existing mythology and his brief appearance in the trailer. It seems like he will be interacting with Melinoë throughout her journey, but his role remains unclear. Embodying "impending death" isn't exactly a great angle for making friends.


Like its predecessor, "Hades 2" will be on Steam Early Access before its official launch. Supergiant Games announced that it would have more information about that early access in 2023 when we will hopefully learn more about this mysterious character.