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The Best Audio Settings For Warzone 2.0

You better fine-tune your audio settings in "Warzone 2.0." Otherwise, you'll be giving players who do the upper hand in battle. It seems that audio mixing has always been an issue with Activision's "Call of Duty" battle royale titles, as Dr Disrespect famously made clear during a 2020 live stream. 


"[Expletive] audio is so distracting in this game. It's so distracting in this game, audio. It's so — it's just such a distraction," he said. "Worst audio design ever in the history of first-person shooter games: I think it's this game, I really do."

Hearing the game properly could very well be the difference between dying in the first five minutes of a match and securing one of those coveted "Warzone 2.0" wins. If your audio is not tuned properly, you may not hear enemy players sneaking up on you, or you might not be able to pinpoint exactly where a nearby battle is taking place. 

The ideal Warzone 2.0 audio settings

If you want to increase your chances of survival, be sure to change your "Warzone 2.0" audio settings to the following levels, all of which. For starters, turn up Master Volume just a touch (CharlieIntel suggests 85 percent). This will make footsteps louder for you in the game. Then, turn the music all the way off. If you're taking the game seriously, there's no reason to have music playing, and without music it's much easier to hear important audio cues.


Dial up Dialogue, Effects Volume, and Microphone Volume to 100 (per CharlieIntel suggestions). Make sure the Open Mic Recording Threshold is at 3.16, and the Voice Chat Volume is at 120, and you should be good to go.

Esports.net also suggests some in-game techniques for listening for footsteps, such as standing still, using suppressed weapons whenever possible, and making sure your teammates keep quiet at the appropriate times. Also, it probably wouldn't hurt you to use a headset to avoid any noise in the room you happen to be gaming in.

Using all of these settings and techniques isn't going to guarantee you a "Warzone 2.0" win, but it will certainly get you a step closer to the finish line.