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Dr Disrespect Reveals Warzone's Biggest Problem

Call of Duty: Warzone has proven to be something of a divisive game among players. For everything the game does right, it seems that there are quality of life issues that have yet to be addressed in any meaningful way. One of these biggest problems has been the game's audio mixing, which was just taken to task by none other than Dr Disrespect.


In a recent stream, the Doc found himself being defeated by an enemy that he didn't hear approaching at all. While he didn't seem as angry about this glitch as he's been in the past, Dr Disrespect still had some choice words for the game's audio issues. 

"[Expletive] audio is so distracting in this game. It's so distracting in this game, audio. It's so — it's just such a distraction," the Doc said. "Worst audio design ever in the history of first-person shooter games: I think it's this game, I really do."

As the Doc talked, viewers could see his character taking heavy gunfire. Shaking his head in dismay, Dr Disrespect seemed unable to narrow down what exactly the problem with the audio was for him. It seems as though he takes issue with the entire sound mix of the game. 


As the Doc explained, "I don't know, everything just feels like it's more of a distraction than anything. Audio doesn't sound right ... distances don't sound right ... it's a mess man."

The Doc has had quite a few issues with Warzone in the past. Last month, he was sent into a rage against the game when it appeared that Warzone wasn't registering any of the shots his character was firing. At the time, this glitch prompted Dr Disrespect to call the game a "phony arcade piece of [expletive]." He also hinted that he would stop streaming Warzone if its issues weren't addressed by Infinity Ward in the near future.

Dr Disrespect isn't alone in his gripe against Warzone's audio problems. The game's sound mixing and design has been taken to task multiple times since the battle royale title's launch. Many players have complained about the audio issues in Call of Duty: Warzone, with some gamers expressing that it may be the single worst thing about the game. One player went so far as to say it has the worst audio in the history of FPS games. This may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but it definitely shows how displeased people are with this aspect of playing Warzone. 

Fellow streamer CouRage chimed in as well, tweeting, "I've played Warzone daily since the launch of the game ... I love Warzone so much ... But...I'm so confused how I have a state of the art audio setup, 13+ years of Call of Duty experience, and am good at the game ... AND I STILL CAN'T HEAR LITTLE TIMMY WHEN HE IS 5 FEET FROM ME SPRINTING."


One fan said that the audio actually made them want to completely uninstall the game. In other words, this is quickly becoming a make or break issue with even the most hardcore fans.

This would be a major issue for any game, but for a battle royale shooter like Warzone, it's almost insurmountable. Players have to rely on being aware of their surroundings, particularly with enemies attempting to sneak up on them. Audio problems like this make even that basic component of gameplay nearly impossible. When you add on perks like Dead Silence that are meant to make players even more quiet than normal, it makes for an extremely unbalanced experience. This has been exacerbated by reports of Dead Silence also not working like it's supposed to. Some players have complained of footsteps being too loud, which basically means that even the audio glitches experienced by players are inconsistent.

There have been other complaints lobbied against the game, as well. Ninja has taken issue with the fact that players can customize their weapon load outs, which he feels has led to the game being less interesting and much more predictable from match to match. Other players have been frustrated by the fact that vehicles in Warzone are capable of killing players through walls, even when they haven't come in physical contact with the enemy. This audio problem, however, has seemingly overshadowed all of Call of Duty: Warzone's other issues in the minds of devoted players.


At the moment, it seems as though Infinity Ward's main priority is ridding Warzone of cheaters and hackers. However, hopefully this won't distract the developer from adjusting the game's audio. It could go a long way toward making the game more palatable for many players.