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Devil May Cry 5: How To Beat Secret Mission 7

While certainly far from the most frustrating fight in the "Devil May Cry" series, Secret Mission 7 in "Devil May Cry 5" might have you scratching your head for a solution — this finesse-centric mini-stage whisks the player away to a small library, then asks the players to execute a one-hit K.O. on a flying enemy. The success conditions for this mission are very specific, limiting you to a single headshot with a gun at a critical moment, but there are minimal instructions on how exactly to pull off this singular shot. This isn't exactly a surprise, given the many expert must-know tips that the game simply doesn't tell you — but thankfully, finishing off this flying wraith isn't quite as hard so long as you know what to look for. Here's where to find and how to beat Secret Mission 7 for an extra Blue Orb Fragment in "Devil May Cry 5."

Look for the bloody grimace

First off, this secret mission can be found during Mission 10, right after the Hell Bat boss fight (per Fandom). Once you've won the fight, you'll have to run through the pulsing red gateway to the right of the room (while facing the newly opened exit) and jump your way up the path until you find a dead end. Run up to the glimmering red point and look upwards to find the Secret Mission entrance (per TrophyGamers).

Once inside, the enemy will spawn from underneath the main table. There are two ways to execute the critical shot — either to parry the enemy's scissor attack with your melee weapon at the right moment, or to destroy the scissors entirely. The first method is faster, and — as noted by Fandom — extremely easy to execute on Sons of Sparda difficulty or lower, as you'll be able to see the white flash on the scissors that indicate the right parry moment (as seen in TrophyGamers' demonstration). If done right, the enemy's face with distort into a scream while leaking blood, signaling the critical shot window you need to finish the mission.

Alternatively, you can simply destroy the scissors outright — if you're on a higher difficulty, this might actually be an easier approach. Enough melee hits to the scissors without hitting the enemy's main body will destroy them one piece at a time, and the red critical shot window will appear after they're both broken (per Game Guides Channel).