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This Single Scene In HBO's The Last Of Us Premiere That Was Better Than The Game's Cutscene

The premiere of HBO's "The Last of Us" adaption wowed critics and fans alike when it hit the silver screen on January 15. Immediately after the premiere, gamers began dissecting every little detail presented to find easter eggs and connections to the game. And upon reflection, those that have played the original game argue that the HBO series is very faithful to the source material. For example, Joel's heartbreaking loss and eventual introduction to Ellie are almost identical to the game's scenario. But the show has also made a few changes that differentiate it from the game. For example, the HBO series spends more time on life before the outbreak and provides extra context about the nature of the outbreak in the opening scene.

But that's not all — one of the most crucial scenes from the game's prologue was changed in a clever way for the HBO adaption. And fans loved the change.

The heart pounding airplane crash

The scene in question is the adrenaline-pumping car sequence that transpires immediately after the outbreak. After Joel and his brother Tommy pick up Sarah, the three frantically attempt to escape the infected areas. Although for most of the sequence, the dialogue is the same as what's in the game, the scene departs from the game in a major way. In the game, while avoiding pedestrians and road wreckage, the group gets into a wreck with an oncoming car, disabling their vehicle and injuring Sarah. But in the show, things are different.

In the HBO series, the oncoming car manages to brake in time, preventing an accident, faking out fans of the game that excepted a collision. After Tommy gains his composure, he tries to drive backward but notices an airplane nosediving toward them. Tommy puts the car in drive to get away from it, but the explosion from the airplane impact is enough to crash the car.

Users on social media praised the scene, stating that it was even better than the game's sequence. One user on Twitter wrote that the scene "feels like it was ripped shot for shot straight from the game and still somehow felt fresh and new to me." While another user wrote, "That one-take car scene during the breakout was immaculate." If this combination of staying faithful to the source material while keeping things fresh continues, "The Last of Us" could go down as the greatest video game adaptation of all time.