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Marvel Snap: What Are Infinity Splits?

"Marvel Snap" has plenty of great cosmetics to customize your deck with. There are variants available for every card, and new bundles are released regularly to introduce new looks for cards. Infinity Splits are another way to change the look of cards, but they can be pretty confusing since the game doesn't directly spell out what they are.

While winning games relies solely on using the best strategies and now cosmetics, the Infinity Split cosmetics can let you win in style. Leveling up the rarity of your cards is important for more than just upgrading your Collection Level. It also changes the look of your cards, and once you hit Ultra rarity, the next level up will create an Infinity Split. Not only does this look really cool, but it adds a whooping 10 to your Collection Level.

Infinity Splits can take on a variety of forms and can split an infinite number of times.

Meet new and improved Infinity Split cards

When a card goes to Infinity, players will receive a new version of the card in their collection that's got a rainbow background. It starts out as a common card and can be upgraded all the way up again. This is where Infinity Splits get interesting –- once an Infinity Split card hits Infinity, it'll be split again.

This next Infinity Split will add one of a few different effects according to Forbes, like making the card black and white or even gold. There are also effects that look like animations on the cards that can be added like sparkles. Every time a card goes Infinity, another effect is added. Effects have different possibilities of being added depending on the number of times a card has been split already, going up to the sixth Infinity Split.

Combined with a variant, this makes each card unique once a player has used it enough. It also gives players a way to continuously upgrade their Collection Level and unlock more cards, which is always a good thing.