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Every Disturbing Detail The Last Of Us' 'The Weeks Ahead' Trailer Dropped

The critically acclaimed premiere of "The Last of Us" on HBO did a spectacular job of establishing its disturbing contained universe. But if the trailer that followed the episode is anything to go by, things will only get more macabre from here on out.

Overall, the first episode of "The Last of Us" was extremely faithful to the source material, with some scenes even appearing virtually identical to the ones seen in the first game of the series from which the show draws its inspiration. In fact, some scenes were executed even better than before. Because of this faithfulness to its video game counterpart, many eagle-eyed fans noticed specific details in the post-episode "The Weeks Ahead" trailer that foreshadows events that happened during the game. Some of which are sure to send viewers, both new and familiar, through the emotional ringer.

Beware of spoilers ahead for "The Last of Us. 

Clickers are coming

In the first episode of "The Last of Us," most of the infected shown appear in the relatively early stages and thus still resemble humans. However, anyone who has played the original game knows that many more aggressive variants of infected have yet to be seen. One such variant appears in the trailer — a Clicker.

For "The Last of Us" uninitiated, Clickers get their name from the signature guttural clicking noise they make while roaming around. Having been exposed to the Cordyceps fungal infection for about a year or longer, Clickers are the first stage of the condition where human characteristics begin to fade, and they start to resemble monsters more than people (per Sideshow). In the games, they are incredibly resilient and cannot be defeated by hand. Instead, players must either use stealth or unload multiple bullets into the foes, as the fungal growth protruding from their heads and bodies form an armor-like plating (at the expense of being completely blind).

It's currently unknown if the show will approach Clickers the same way as the game. However, at the very least, their signature look and audio cues seem to have fans excited.

Ellie's tragic backstory

In stark contrast with the first game, "The Last of Us" on HBO shows the world slowly approaching chaos. The game has a brief intro where everything seems fine just before all hell breaks loose. Further, the HBO show has already tipped its hand regarding insights into Ellie's backstory and how she got infected. These slight hints likely went overhead for those unfamiliar with the video game series. But fans already familiar with the first game's plot may have picked up on it.

Shortly before Marlene frees Ellie from her constraints, she mentions a girl named Riley. This, of course, is the girl Ellie was with when she became infected. In the trailer for upcoming episodes of "The Last of Us," Riley (played by Storm Reid) can be seen accompanying Ellie on a merry-go-round. While Riley is only briefly mentioned in the first game at the very end and isn't fully explored until "The Last of Us: Left Behind" DLC, it seems the show will at some point reveal how and when Ellie became infected, alongside a peek into her time with Riley.

The hospital scene

Towards the end of the "Weeks Ahead" trailer, there is a scene where Joel is wandering alone through a building while wielding a rifle. While this shot may seem run of the mill to the untrained eye, many hardcore "TLOU" fans pointed out that it very well could be the infamous hospital scene that occurs late in the game. This is essentially the game's climax and potentially contains the most prominent spoiler of the game and TV adaptation.

In the game, Joel completes his mission to deliver Ellie to a West Coast hospital where some can use her resistance to the Cordyceps to find a cure. However, after learning that the surgery Ellie will undergo is fatal, Joel resolves to break Ellie free, putting an end to anyone standing between himself and her. Joel is successful, ultimately carrying an unconscious Ellie to safety. In-game, this scene proves the culmination of everything Joel and Ellie had been through — with Joel learning to love and care for someone again after losing his daughter. And even if Ellie's death could lead to humanity developing a cure for the infection, Joel isn't willing to let Ellie die to reach that end.

It's an intense and violent sequence. And if the show accurately captures it, it'll serve as a poignant (albeit disturbing) conclusion to the show's first season.