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How Long Does It Take To Beat Fire Emblem Engage?

Early "Fire Emblem Engage" reviews all pinpointed the combat as a real highlight this time around (though they were less enthusiastic about the story and characters). This seems like a good sign for those seeking to play the game to completion without getting stuck in lackluster battles while striving to see the end credits roll. Those end credits could be very far away for some players, though.


As is always the case for video games, how long it takes someone to complete the main campaign may vary from player to player. Given its status as an RPG in a series known for longer storylines, the odds were high that "Fire Emblem Engage" would be on the beefier side of the spectrum. And that's exactly what various websites have reported. In fact, players looking to dive into the world of "Fire Emblem Engage" better get ready for the long haul. 

Completing Fire Emblem Engage should take roughly 50 hours

According to The Washington Post and Inverse, the main campaign of "Fire Emblem Engage" can take players as many as 50 hours to finish. That's a big one! However, based on HowLongToBeat, this is right in line with the franchise's previous entry, "Fire Emblem: Three Houses," which averages a little more than 49 hours for players to get through.


Of course, things get even longer for players seeking to see more than simply the main questline of "Fire Emblem Engage." As pointed out in The Washington Post's review written by Alyse Stanley, the main campaign took her 40-50 hours to finish while her pursuit of additional content has exceeded 80 hours. She even remarked that those 80 hours will likely climb even higher.

What is it that makes "Fire Emblem Engage" so long? As Inverse said, the game is divided into 26 chapters that typically feature one or two battles. That may not sound like much to newcomers, but toward the end of the narrative these battles can last for more than an hour on their own.