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Minecraft Kills Fans' Biggest Frustration With The Game

Microsoft won't release a sequel to "Minecraft," so players have to be satisfied with the main game. With constant updates, including quality-of-life changes and content additions, it's not hard to do. In fact, the developers listen to fans and have a public "Minecraft" feedback site so players can vote to add things that they'd like to see in the game. And, as "Minecraft" has recently proved, the developers really do listen to that feedback.


One of the most frustrating things for players is the auto-jump feature, which is turned on by default on the PC versions of "Minecraft." Players have complained about this feature on Reddit and the feedback site, as turning the setting off doesn't keep it off consistently – opening the game up again causes it to turn back on.

On January 18, an official "Minecraft" Snapshot update for version 1.19.4 detailed a long list of changes, including the default option for auto-jump being set to off instead of on. Other accessibility features include arrow key navigation in menus and a display time setting for notifications in the game.

While the feature isn't the best for PC players, auto-jump started as a powerful tool for mobile users.


Why the auto-jump was even added

Auto-jump was added originally added to "Minecraft" for mobile players (via The Wired Shopper). Considering players have a lot of traveling to do throughout the game, a lot of which includes going over mountains and other things that require vertical jumps, auto-jump was a game-changer when it was released because controls are trickier on a small, mobile screen.


However, the feature was then implemented on PC, and automatically turned on whether players wanted it or not. The controls on PC aren't as difficult when it comes to constantly jumping while traveling, so many players found it more frustrating than helpful. Many complained that the feature never worked correctly, causing players to jump off of cliffs accidentally or not jump when they needed to most.

As Reddit user u/Imrahil3 pointed out, auto-jump was an important feature for accessibility reasons, and some people just enjoy the feature, even on PC. A big issue players had with it was that it was difficult to keep off, as u/Imrahil3 explained, so it was annoying to need to adjust settings after booting up the game each time.


Now that this problem is fixed, players can get back to other parts of the game, like farming iron effectively and building impressive computers.