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What We Know About MrBeast And Thea Booysen's Relationship

YouTuber MrBeast is known for continuously building on his success and always being on the lookout for the next new thing. It seems that, in 2022, he found romance with a fellow streamer.

Not long after his last relationship ended, rumors began circulating that MrBeast was seeing someone new: Twitch streamer Thea Booysen. These rumors were fed by the pair repeatedly appearing together at major events (per Sportskeeda), and they were finally confirmed by Booysen herself through her Instagram posts (per Essentially Sports). Her Instagram account is now full of photos of the pair together, leaving no doubt of their status.


Since they went public, both MrBeast and Booysen have opened up a bit in interviews about how they met and their current relationship. They have emphasized that they hit it off right away and are a great match for each other, sharing important interests and values regarding their personal and professional lives.

A cancelled trip to South Africa led to their meeting

Speaking to the Flagrant 2 podcast, MrBeast explained that he met Booysen in South Africa while he was on his way to film in Antarctica. When the trip was canceled due to an outbreak of Covid at the Antarctic base, he ended up staying in South Africa for a few days and met his current girlfriend through a mutual friend while out at dinner.


MrBeast said that he was immediately attracted to her but still had to ask her a series of questions to test their compatibility. He apparently "put her through the ringer" to verify that she had hobbies and a passion for learning. Booysen verified this account on the Wide Awake podcast, though she also revealed that MrBeast was able to play it cool with his questioning. At the time, according to Booysen, she thought they were just "having the best conversation ever" and only learned later what MrBeast was up to.

The pair impressed each other at this meeting, with both coming away with the feeling that they were romantically compatible. After that, they began talking on Twitter and MrBeast started going to South Africa to visit Booysen.


Shared nerdy interests are the core of the relationship

Since getting together, they have verified their compatibility and are both thrilled to have met. Booysen has said that "it's like... [MrBeast] was written out of a book just for me." For his part, Mr. Beast expressed gratitude that he's met someone who enjoys learning and self improvement as much as him and that they can share those passions with each other. A date night for the pair could be staying in and reading or watching a documentary and they apparently play scrabble on their phones with one another when they're apart.


The fact that they live in different countries in different parts of the world makes getting together a challenge for the couple but they are currently making it work and have been discussing what comes next and how they'll be able to see each other more in the future.

It appears that MrBeast has found someone that can match his passion for work and learning while Booysen has found someone that can keep up with her mentally. The two certainly appear perfect for each other, and both are working to make it work in the long term.