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Tragic Details About Pokémon's Kadabra

Some trainers mainly focus on the stats of Pokémon and what they can do in battle. Others, however, like to review the Pokédex and learn everything there is to know about their loyal pocket monsters. Those that do, know that some Pokémon have creepy or downright dark backstories. Some Pokémon may simply be adorable, but others have tragic stories attached to them. Among these, Kadabra definitely stands out.

The Psychic-type Kadabra has been a part of "Pokémon" from the very beginning, being part of Gen 1, introduced in the original games, and even giving Ash and Pikachu some trouble in the early days of the anime. While this master of mental powers may appear scary, its appearance may result from a sad series of events. As revealed in Pokédex entries for some versions of the games, Kadabra may, in fact, be a small boy who turned into a Pokémon.

While Pokédex entries in early games simply referenced Kadabra's strange and psychic powers, players who caught one in "Fire Red" were informed that "it happened one morning – a boy with extrasensory powers awoke in bed transformed into Kadabra." This revelation wasn't an isolated incident either. Later games expanded on this lore.

Kadabra's origin parallels a classic story

The Pokédex in "Pokémon Emerald" would later hint that the boy's transformation was a result of his helping with psychic research, while "Pokémon Sun" would suggest that the transformation was because of the boy's lack of control over his powers. Some of these entries call this story a "theory" or a rumor, so its status as canon is left in question. If it's true, however, this would make the first Kadabra a truly tragic figure.

If this story of terrible transformation sounds familiar, that's because it's based on a classic novella by author Franz Kafka. As explained in a published Pokédex that was only released in Japan, Kadabra's backstory was a reference to "The Metamorphosis," in which a man wakes up to discover he has transformed into an insect (per DidYouKnowGaming).

As Kafka is known for his strange and dark tales, a Pokémon based on his work is doomed to be a sad character. Kadabra may be a favorite for some fans and an excellent Psychic-type to add to a team, but you can't help but shed a tear for the origins of this mysterious Pokémon.