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Back 4 Blood: Tips For Creating The Best No Hope Difficulty Build

In "Back 4 Blood" — a co-op PvE game that serves as the game "Left 4 Dead" fans had waited for — there are four difficulties to choose from. These difficulty settings include Recruit, Veteran, Nightmare, and No Hope from easiest to hardest. In general, "Back 4 Blood" is a pretty hard game with many of its players complaining that even Recruit provides a stiff challenge due to the number of high-powered enemies it throws at you. No Hope, however, is a different beast entirely.

No Hope is the most difficult setting available to players in "Back 4 Blood" and it will force you and your squad to be in tip top shape to survive. Of course, this is easier said than done and will require not only proficiency when playing, but also exceptional resource management. Teams will also have to use whatever cards they have available to forge a build that will hopefully lead toward survival. Here are some basic tips to get the most out of the system and ensure that players are as prepared as possible for the onslaught of the No Hope difficulty.

Make up for the lack of materials and stronger enemies

When playing on the No Hope difficulty, copper piles will be rarer and yield much less material than they normally would. Players will also face stronger enemy types that deal much more damage than other difficulties — including more frequent boss battles. In order to mitigate these two massive handicaps, card decks should be used to offer countering effects. 

According to Gamercast, it's recommended one person in the squad use the Well Fed card, as it will add ten health to each member of the team. A card that is suggested for everyone is Needs of Many, which gives everyone an extra life. This comes at the expense of -10 in health, but that's mitigated due to Well Fed.

As suggested by Reddit user Sopwith_Snipe, players must also focus their build on resource accumulation given the slim pickings in No Hope. The Redditor says it's imperative that players also outfit their characters with cards that allow players to make a quick exit from a sticky situation. For such predicaments, it's recommended that players have Mad Dash and Run Like Hell equipped. Furthermore, it is recommended that players purchase any card they can find that offer team stamina boosts.

Damage is still important

Cards like Well Fed and Needs of Many will help players survive on No Hope; however, to progress through the game, players will still have to kill their fair share of zombies. Certain cards allow players to be more proficient at this task, helping fill out a squad's deck and ensure maximum effectiveness when on the offensive.

According to a comprehensive guide by Steam user Priceless, the best cards for a squad to use when inflicting damage are Marked for Death, Shredder, and Glass Cannon. Priceless calls Marked for Death essential, noting its ability to give each team member a +10% damage boost — totaling +40% if everyone attacks the same target. It also allows squads to see enemies through walls, giving them peak awareness in any situation. While Marked for Death does not enable users to stack multiple copies for improved effects, the Shredder card does and will equate to +15% damage when maxed. While this provides a bigger boost than Marked for Death, it doesn't last nearly as long, making it an excellent secondary.

Last but not least is Glass Cannon. While offering an impressive +25% damage boost, it'll also make players lose 30% of their health. Because of this, Glass Cannon is essentially a last resort card that, according to Priceless, is best used against bosses.