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This Unexpected Horror Co-Op Beta Is Taking Over The Charts

"Back 4 Blood" looks to be the game "Left 4 Dead" fans have been waiting for, but nobody could've anticipated the level of excitement being generated for the upcoming co-op zombie first-person shooter. If the early access open beta stats are any indication, "Back 4 Blood" is shaping up to be a massive success.

According to figures from Steam Database, "Back 4 Blood" reached its all-time peak with ​​98,024 concurrent players on Friday, August 6 — just a day after the early access open beta kicked off. On top of that, so many players pre-ordered the game as a way to ensure they could join the early access open beta that it ended up becoming the top-selling Steam title for the weekend.

Players who got a chance to try the early access open beta got to "experience intense four-player co‑op, competitive multiplayer as human or Ridden, and frenetic gameplay that keeps you in the action," according to the official game site

Of course, not all of those 98,000+ players were completely satisfied with their time testing out "Back 4 Blood." Fans got more than they bargained for when an awkward audio error made the zombies sound like they were saying offensive words. Luckily, WB Games has assured players that this is being fixed. Other players on Reddit reported problems with bad teammate A.I. and wonky controls. One fan even called for a delay because of how bad they found the beta to be. Even so, there are reasons to be excited about the future of "Back 4 Blood."

Back 4 Blood beta boom

Despite the multiple issues in the open beta, there must be something about "Back 4 Blood" that drew so many players in. Some of the hype likely has to do with the fact that "Left 4 Dead" fans haven't seen a new game in over a decade, so fans craving the spiritual successor made sure to tune in for the beta. Some hardcore fans have noted that the new game feels like an updated version of "Left 4 Dead," which is likely to scratch an itch for nostalgic gamers. Plus, even with the issues in "Back 4 Blood," there's time before its October 12 release for the devs to make tweaks.

The "Back 4 Blood" early access open beta opened on August 5 and closed August 9, but don't worry if you missed out. The full open beta will be available August 12-16. While the early access open beta didn't require a pre-order of the full game, it was the only way for players to guarantee their spots. However, the upcoming open beta will be fully open to all players, regardless of pre-order status. This could impact both sales and player numbers going forward, though only time will tell how this beta will compare to last weekend's sweep.

"Back 4 Blood" will be available October 12, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC.