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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How To Heal

If you want to 100 percent complete "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot," you better make sure you have the healing system figured out. Otherwise, you may have a very long playthrough ahead of you. Reports indicate full "Kakarot" playthroughs can last anywhere from 40 to over 100 hours. If you don't have the healing system down, getting that coveted 100 percent completion may take more time than you have. 


Released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows in January 2020, the game was more recently ported to the Nintendo Switch and Stadia gaming systems in late 2021. Many "Dragon Ball Z" fans were no doubt excited to jump in and play as Goku. But in order to find success in "Kakarot," you need to understand the game's many systems. Perhaps the most important of these is the healing system. But, thankfully, there are some easy steps you can take to make sure your character remains at full health.

Campfires and Vitadrinks

The first and easiest way to heal in "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot," is by simply visiting and resting at a bonfire. As shown in a video by WoW Quests, campfires are found throughout the game's open world. All you need to do is fly to one and select "Rest." 


Throughout "Kakarot," players will find items called "Vitadrinks" that can also restore some health. When you're ready to heal, in order to access and use a healing item, simply follow the following steps (per Game Revolution): open the menu, select "items," click on a Vitadrink using the in-game cursor, select the character you want to us it on, and then press x for PlayStation or A for Xbox in order to apply.

Clever players will be sure to use the campfire at every possible chance in order to preserve those Vitadrinks. As you progress later in the game, you're going to need them.