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How Long Does It Take To Beat Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

The reviews are finally starting to arrive for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, so we're sure fans have questions. What can be expected from the latest game in the unstoppable Dragon Ball franchise? How long does it take to complete? What does the scouter say about its power level?


According to a review from Famitsu (translation via Wccftech), the game takes roughly 40 hours to complete — if you're in a hurry and are only playing through the main storyline. However, players who wish to explore the game's open world will find many side quests and other curiosities that will add a considerable amount of time to their play through. In order to experience everything Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has to offer, players can look forward to blasting their way through more than 100 hours of play.

This assessment seems to be backed up by other reviewers. IGN's Mitchell Saltzman reported that he was around 23 hours into the game and felt like he still had about a quarter of the game's campaign left to go. It's encouraging to hear that there's this much content available in the game. 


However, depending on who you ask, the game's length may be a bit more of a curse than a blessing. In a mostly positive review, Trusted Reviews' Sayem Ahmed felt that the game's length caused it to drag in some areas. 

"With a length of over 40 hours to get through the main story, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot might linger a bit too long for those looking for a varied experience, as the variety in sidequests is incredibly lacking," wrote Ahmed.

However, Ahmed also noted that this significant runtime allowed the game to tell the entire story of the series and pack in tons of "fanservice" moments.

Side quests and battles don't account for all of the game's length, however. In addition to the explosive combat, Kakarot features mechanics that dive deeper than your usual DBZ fighting game. In order to make their fighters the best they can be, players will be able to cook, fish, and train to their heart's content, just like Goku frequently does in the anime and manga.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will granting fans' wishes when it goes on sale tomorrow, Jan. 17.