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Do Critics Think PS5's DualSense Edge Is Worth $200?

Since being announced at 2022's Gamescom event, the DualSense Edge controller — a high-tier gamepad designed for the PlayStation 5 — has made quite a buzz in the gaming world. Undoubtedly PlayStation's answer to Xbox's Elite Series, the DualSense Edge comes with a ton of neat features that are sure to wow PlayStation players looking for a high-quality gamepad to suit all of their gaming needs. However, the drawback to obtaining such a top-tier controller is obviously the price — upon its release, the DualSense Edge will retail at $199. It's a steep price for sure, but is it worth it?


With the controller scheduled to be released on Jan. 26, many critics and reviewers have had their chance to get their hands on the DualSense Edge for the first time and play around with it. So far, reviews seem to have been mostly positive, with praise for the controller's haptics, cool design, and responsiveness — though the battery life has been a consistent source of criticism. With all of these factors in play, is it worth spending $200 on the controller?

If the critics' words are anything to go by, then yes, but only if you're a certain kind of gamer.

The DualSense Edge is for the hardcore gamer

While most critics seem to acknowledge that $200 is indeed a big price to pay for the DualSense Edge controller, it seems that most have found that the benefits are mostly worth it. Writing for IGN, Matthew Adler said that the DualSense Edge was a very good controller that gamers will be mostly satisfied with. "At nearly triple the price of the standard DualSense controller, the $200 price tag for the DualSense Edge is a hefty one for most casual players," Adler said. "That being said, there's a ton of fantastic tech packed into a controller that's virtually the same size and shape you're already used to."


Andy Robinson of VGC was also quite complimentary of the controller. Though he noted that the $200 price point is certainly a lot, Robinson was adamant in expressing that it was the best controller available for any professional or highly competitive gamer on the PlayStation 5 platform. In his piece for Sports Illustrated, Kirk McKeand said that the DualSense Edge is worth it for the hardcores out there but that it may be too expensive for many. "If you spend a lot of time gaming on your PS5, this is the only controller you'll ever need," McKeand said. "However, casual players are better off spending the $199 on a few games."

In short, the DualSense Edge is well worth the price if you are a hardcore gamers, but might be out of range for casuals who treat the medium as a hobby.