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What's The Difference Between The Xbox Elite Series 2 And The Elite Series 2 - Core Controllers?

For a competitive console gamer, having a good controller is paramount. Oftentimes, winning and losing in any type of game comes down to fine margins and having a controller suited to all of your preferences can sometimes be the difference between the two. Because of this, Xbox has made it a point to add upgrades to its controller throughout the years and make it more responsive than previous iterations of its classic gamepad, as well as creating its own high-end controllers such as the Elite Series 2. To up the ante even further, the company has announced its newest addition to the controller market — the Elite Series 2 – Core.

On the surface, the Elite Series 2 – Core controller is almost identical to its Elite Series 2 predecessor. Both have adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a wrap-around rubberized grip, and shorter hair triggers. Aesthetically speaking, the only discernible difference between the two is that the Core version has a white faceplate as opposed to the Series 2's traditional matte black finish. But there is one very discernible difference between the two in terms of accessibility.

The Elite Series 2 comes with more accessories

Without question, both the Elite Series 2 and Elite Series 2 – Core controllers are quality pieces of hardware. Judging by the marketing material, it's an almost identical controller to its predecessor. If the Core lives up to its price tag, it'll certainly be a more-than-suitable choice for most gamers. However, when it comes down to the amount of customizable options gamers will have at their disposal, the Elite Series 2 has the Core beat, at least as it comes in the box.

As shown in the side-by-side comparison of the two controllers, the Elite Series 2 controller comes with tool to adjust thumbstick tension, four paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, a charging dock, and a standard directional pad for those who don't quite fancy the traditional Elite version. The Elite Series 2 – Core will also have these customizable options available to them, however, the controller doesn't ship with any of these accessories.

Obviously, both the Elite Series 2 and Elite Series 2 – Core are higher-end controllers, and when it comes down to the exact specs, the two don't seem comparable in terms of performance (per PC Gamer). With the Elite Series 2 retailing at $179.99 USD and the Core coming in at $129.99, and the accessories pack retailing for nearly $60 on its own, the standard Elite Series 2 controller might give you more bang for your buck.