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How To Turn Off Cuff Dialogue In Forspoken

After multiple delays, Square Enix's "Forspoken" is finally on PlayStation 5 and PC. But despite the delays, the game is rough around the edges. Some critics expressed love for the combat and game mechanics but state that the dialogue and characters leave much to be desired. And the main character Frey Holland's magical talking bracelet, Cuff, is no exception. Cuff offers players tips, provides guidance, and even partakes in cheeky banter similar to Mimir in "God of War." But because the same lines get played over and over, Cuff's offhand remarks can quickly become annoying.


Now, a simple poll on Reddit proves that there's a fair bit of gamers that hate the conversations between Frey and Cuff, often occurring when the two are navigating Athia. But thankfully, unlike some video game that are impossible without sidekicks, Cuff can be turned off. Here's how to mute Cuff in "Forspoken" if players want a little peace and quiet.

Cuff can be silenced via the settings menu

Quieting down Cuff in "Forspoken" is a simple process. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable Cuff's voice completely, but players can modify how frequently Cuff converses. Players must first pause the game and head to the settings menu to adjust Cuff's voice setting. Then from there, open Accessibility Settings, and find Cuff Settings. Under Chat Frequency, players will see three options available: High, Low, and Minimal. High will have Cuff talking Frey's ears off, while Low will tone down the sarcastic commentary by making it less frequent. Minimal, on the other hand, cuts out the quips completely and relegates Cuff to story-essential conversations. Additionally, two other settings modify Cuff's in-game behavior in the same menu. Cuff Compass Visibility and Cuff Compass are settings that can be changed if players want to traverse without being guided by a glowing marker leading them to their destination.


Another Cuff setting PlayStation players may want to modify is the Controller Playback setting. By default, Cuff's voice will come out of the player's DualSense controller. Players can change this by opening the settings menu and heading to Sound Settings. Then players must scroll down to Speaker Settings and hover over Wireless Controller Voice Playback. Disable this option to stop Cuff's voice from coming through the controller. This won't disable their dialogue altogether but force it to go through the TV.