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Forspoken: The Best Skills To Unlock Early

Critics are offering mixed opinions about "Forspoken," but they mostly agree that the gameplay is great, even if the narrative doesn't measure up. With satisfying combat and a story that can take under twenty hours to beat, players won't want to waste any time diving in and constructing a build that will be fun and effective.


With over 100 skills (or spells) spread across four branching trees, there are plenty of decisions to make, and it can be easy to overlook some useful skills for too long. To ensure that this doesn't happen, players may want to have an idea of what to go for early. While some gamers may like to experiment and discover the ins and outs of a new title for themselves, others prefer to get right to the fun of crushing their enemies with the best tools available. For those players, this guide will provide a rundown of what to start with on their journey through Athia.

Support spells are quite supportive

It can be easy to get excited by the flashy offensive and defensive skills, but pretty much everyone agrees that support spells should be an early priority. Polygon, VideoGames FN, and Try Hard all emphasize an early strategy based around using as many support spells as possible to protect yourself and overwhelm enemies. In particular, spells found in the Purple skill tree are highlighted — with Tendril (for its healing) and Disperse (for its nature-themed ranged attack) being standouts. Try Hard also gives special mention to Prime, which will set traps to take out incoming enemies while you attack them from a distance.


There are also solid support spells to find on the other skill trees, and Polygon recommends grabbing them all as soon as possible to take advantage of their variable cooldown times. By continuously running through these spells, a player can nearly always have some kind of support on the field at any given time. Once that's covered, it's safe to focus on unlocking and upgrading other skills.

Embrace the parkour

Quick and flashy movement was highlighted in previews and is an element that's receiving praise from critics. Gamers should embrace it wholeheartedly and invest in skills that increase their parkour powers.


LevelUp suggests focusing on Rush, Flow, Shimmy, Scale, and Float, all of which enhance movement in some way. PlayStation Blog offers the same advice but adds Zip and Glide to the list. On top of this, VG247 argues for further investing in the parkour skills by upgrading them through Spellcraft.

By completing challenges with skills, it's possible to improve them, and the movement spells are an excellent target for this system. By unlocking the movement skills and upgrading them to maximize their use, moving around the world will become a breeze — and also one of the more entertaining parts of the game. It may seem difficult to skip over combat to go right for support and movement but making these skills first on the list should make for a smoother introduction to the game.