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How To Find The Titan Elemental In Chained Echoes

The new 16-bit style 2-D RPG "Chained Echoes" allows players to be a number of different playable characters as they adventure across a brand new fantasy world "with swords, magic and... mechs." Some of them are secret characters that can only be unlocked by doing certain optional quests (per Nerd Stash). One of these secret characters is a bearded man named Tomke, who can be unlocked at the beginning of act 2 once players have completed the sidequest "The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry." Many players will find that Tomke is definitely worth unlocking, as he has some very unique abilities.

Like the Blue Mages from the "Final Fantasy" franchise, Tomke gains skills and abilities by eating, or canning, certain enemies. Those creatures that are marked with the "Cannable" status are the only ones that he can absorb skills from. That means that players who want to make the most of Tomke need to hunt down all 15 of the different kinds of cannable creatures (per TheGamer).

Most of these enemies are relatively easy to find – especially if the player has run into them before since their location will be recorded in their bestiary – but others can be a little bit harder to track down if players don't know where to look. There's one creature in particular that gamers seem to be having trouble finding: the Titan Elemental.

The Titan Elemental is in the Kotara Mountain Range

There are a lot of different kinds of monsters in "Chained Echoes," so it can be easy for players to lose track of which ones they've already seen. This can make it tricky for them to know exactly what they're searching for. The Titan Elemental looks like a large yellow-orange orb that seems to be levitating bits of rock around it.

Players who want to find the Titan Elemental can find it in the Kotara Mountain Range. They should then head towards the southeastern portion of the map once they arrive. The Titan Elemental should spawn in this region alongside several Waterfly enemies. While it can be hard to find, it isn't a particularly challenging enemy to beat once players manage to track one down.

Tomke will consume the creature's essence once it's defeated and gain the "Spinach Power" buff skill (per TheGamer). This is definitely one of his better skills, as players have reported that it grants Shield and Aura to all party members for seven turns once fully leveled. This is an incredibly useful buff for protecting front-row tanks and other party members while keeping Tomke safely in the back.