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Where Hogwarts Legacy Takes Place In The Harry Potter Timeline

Fans can finally look forward to exploring Hogwarts beyond the restrictions of the core series when spin-off "Hogwarts Legacy" releases on February 10, 2023. The RPG has built hype on the back of promises to deliver a great experience that happens to take place in the world of "Harry Potter" (instead of a clunky movie tie-in). In fact, aside from the presence of Nearly Headless Nick and familiar last names like Weasley and Black, it has very little to do with the "Harry Potter" books and movies — in large part because it takes place well before the Boy Who Lived was born.


About five minutes into a gameplay reveal for "Hogwarts Legacy" that debuted during PlayStation's March 2022 State of Play, the front page of The Daily Prophet flashes for just a second. The publication date appears just below the newspaper's title, offering greater insight regarding where "Hogwarts Legacy" likely falls in the "Harry Potter" timeline.

Hogwarts Legacy may be set about 100 years before Harry Potter

The Wizarding World's most noteworthy newspaper lists the date as "September 1, 1890." This places "Hogwarts Legacy" right around the start of the school year, though it's unclear whether the paper came out the same day as the scene in the trailer. Given Harry Potter was born in 1980, this means "Hogwarts Legacy" likely unfolds about hundred years before the main series.


If set at the tail end of the 19th century, "Hogwarts Legacy" could have possible tie-ins to "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," which primarily unfolds in New York City just a few decades later in the 1920s. Aside from Nearly Headless Nick, the decision to place "Hogwarts Legacy" so far back in time means many fan favorites probably won't make an appearance. However, famous old man Nicolas Flamel — the alchemist who used the Philosopher's Stone to extend his life — could show up, and even future headmaster Albus Dumbledore might put in an appearance. He would have been nine years old in 1890, though he didn't enroll at Hogwarts until 1892.