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How Long Does It Take To Beat Dead Space Remake?

Ever since the "Dead Space" remake's launch trailer, people have been ready to get scared again. While the game is a remake of the 2008 title with the same name, many are wondering how long it will take to beat.


Considering Motive Studio has already shown off some new content from the game, such as giving voice to a previously silent character, it's understandable that the game might be longer than the original. However, the "Dead Space" remake originally promised to recreate the game while offering a better and "more immersive" experience. Fans of the original game can look forward to experiencing Isaac Clarke's terrifying experiences on a spaceship a second time, and it shouldn't take too much longer than the original game.

Critics have revealed how long the game took to beat before it was released, and the results are about what most people expected, providing a similar experience to the original horror classic.


The length of the games is about the same

According to HowLongToBeat, the original version of the game only takes about 11 hours to complete the Main Story. When it comes to completing everything, the original "Dead Space" clocks in at about 20 hours.


GamesRadar+ revealed that the "Dead Space" remake took about 12 to 15 hours to complete while focusing on the main story of the game, a few hours over the original game's completion time. However, according to the outlet, it only took about 20 hours to 100% the game. GamesRadar+ did point out that doing all the side missions and backtracking to previously locked areas is helpful toward the end of the game as you get upgrades and items that can help you.

Players can expect about the same experience going into the "Dead Space" remake as the original. The game's length makes it an easy weekend title to play and experience in the same way the predecessor is.