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The Best Strategies For Leveling Weapons Fast In Modern Warfare 2

Gaining XP and leveling weapons is a vital part of the early game for "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer. Newcomers will find many of the best weapon receivers, attachments, and the ability to tune them are locked until other weapons have been leveled up. Even veterans who have earned all the important stuff may still care about leveling more weapons for the sake of completeness and opening up more options for experimentation.


Whatever the reason, many players want to level their weapons quickly, and with dozens of option available, it pays to have some strategies to accomplish this. Operators should remember that weapon leveling is separate from rank leveling and some methods that work for one will not work for the other. While rank XP can be earned by accomplishing many different tasks in matches, gaining weapon XP ultimately comes down to scoring kills with that weapon. Leveling strategies will necessarily be built around this element.

Take advantage of XP bonuses

One of the best ways to level up weapons is to increase the XP earned for each kill. This can be done by using XP Tokens that, when spent, temporarily multiply rank or weapon XP during matches (per Eurogamer). These tokens can be purchased, earned by playing the single-player campaign, and are sometimes available as part of promotions with other businesses (per Dot Esports). By simply spending an XP Token before a good gaming session, an operator can maximize their XP gains, leveling up their current weapon quickly.


Further, gamers on the PlayStation also have an incentive to join a party and play together as doing so automatically awards an XP bonus in "Modern Warfare 2" (per Charlie Intel). This added perk means simply playing with friends can help with weapon leveling. Of course, maximizing XP won't matter if the XP isn't being earned. That's why it's important to pursue other strategies as well.

Pick the right maps and game modes

Game mode and map selection can also make a big difference when looking to rack up kills. Ground War, in particular, is an excellent mode for scoring kills as it generally leads to long matches with lots of opponents on the field, providing the best opportunity to take out foes (per Charlie Intel). Whether playing Ground War or a different type of match, map choice should also be taken into account. Some maps tend to lead to more and quicker encounters and reduce the time spent looking for the action. Further, certain maps just won't work for leveling specific weapons.


For leveling short to medium range weapons, Shipment is an excellent map to play on. The close quarters mean the action is continuous and even less experienced players should be able to make plenty of kills. Further, the tighter spaces mean pistols and shotguns, which can be less useful in bigger maps, will be viable options. For longer range weapons, especially sniper rifles. Large maps with lots of open space are ideal. Taraq and El Asilo stand out as places where a sniper rifle with a good loadout, like the MCPR-300, can shine.

Given a little luck and skill, playing in the right modes and right maps with an XP boost will have weapons leveling up in no time.