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Dead Space Remake's 'Indecipherable' Text Actually Has A Grim Translation

When playing the critically acclaimed "Dead Space" remake, players might want to browse through their text logs, which provide more insight into the world of the series. However, there is one entry labeled as "indecipherable" that many players have attempted — and failed — to decode. After days of speculation, one player has finally cracked the code, and the message it reveals is quite grim.

The "indecipherable" text log consists of nothing by alien-like symbols and is only available to players playing on a New Game+ save. It's one of a few added touches that Motive Studio decided to include in the remake, along with an alternative ending. Given its title, the content of the indecipherable message is not meant to immediately be clear to the player. However, as history has shown, gamers will dedicate a lot of time to uncovering these kinds of mysteries in search of even more context for the virtual worlds they enjoy. Sure enough, it only took days for one "Dead Space" player to uncover the truth behind this message.

The message speaks of death shepherds and Oracles

The "indecipherable" text log was translated by Reddit user GingyYoutube, who posted their findings on the "Dead Space" subreddit. As it turns out, the text log isn't a document of a specific event. Instead, it reads as a poem of sorts. The translation is as follows: "They walk in white. Untouched by red. They order the living. They shepherd the dead. A finger's touch. We're frozen still. They are the answer. They are the will. Beyond the stars. The brethren wait. Oracles, deliver us. From humanity's fate." Though the deciphered message is quite cryptic, many "Dead Space" fans have offered their interpretations of the poem and how it relates to the dark world seen in the game.

One commenter said that the poem is likely about Tau Volantis, a planet in the "Dead Space" universe that was once believed to be the origin of the Necromorphs prior to the release of "Dead Space 3." The commenter also connected lines such as "walk in white, untouched by red" to a white Marker that appears in the "Dead Space" mobile games. "[T]he last line kinda feels like its a prophetic warning, about someone asking for some outside influence to deliver humanity from its 'Dead Space 3' fate," the user said. Another argued that the first stanza of the poem is likely a reference to the Oracles themselves, members of a mysterious EarthGov program who were known to dress in white.

Right now, there seems to be no universally accepted theory on what exactly the text log means. However, given the context of the "Dead Space" narrative, many have accepted that it's nothing good.