Fortnite: How To Access Dragon Ball Adventure Island (And What Rewards You Can Get From It)

In 2022, "Fortnite" players were able to participate in a "Dragon Ball" event that included more than just a skin line and a few weeks of gimmicks. Of course, these things all existed, but a major part of the event was Dragon Ball Adventure Island. This island featured popular locations from "Dragon Ball," like the Room of Spirit and Time, and players were able to experience the series by doing random tasks or even going into PvP battles. Another "Dragon Ball" event is coming to "Fortnite" in 2023, and it's bringing back the Dragon Ball Adventure Island yet again.


While this "Fortnite" x "Dragon Ball" event is based more on the "Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO" movie, Dragon Ball Adventure Island is coming back. It will include the same locations as before: the Room of Spirit and Time, Kami's Place, Goku's House, and Beerus' Planet. Players will also be able to join in on PvP battles again, too (via "Fortnite" news update). Getting to the island may be a bit tricky, but keep reading to learn how.

Fortnite's Discover screen

According to an official "Fortnite" update, there are two ways to access Dragon Ball Adventure Island with Version 23.30. The first way is by going to the Discover screen, which is probably the easier option. However, a second way exists by using the following island code: 5642-8525-5429.


Once a player has gotten to the Dragon Ball Adventure Island, there are exclusive rewards that can be obtained through doing Weekly Quests. Two cosmetics will be up for grabs via time locked quests. The Gohan Beast Spray will be available starting on January 31 at 9 AM EST, and the Orange Piccolo Spray will be available on February 7 at 9 AM EST.

The 2023 "Fortnite" x "Dragon Ball" event will also have other things included beyond Dragon Ball Adventure Island. Son Gohan and Piccolo are coming to the game as Outfits, and accessories for each Outfit will also be available. Plus, a new Loading Screen makes the crossover feel even better for fans of both series.