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The Most Frustrating Boss In The Dead Space Remake

The "Dead Space" remake is finally out, and according to critics, it's even better than players might remember it being — and it's just as challenging too. Once again stepping into the space boots of Isaac Clarke, "Dead Space" players will encounter all kinds of horrors and difficulties with the Necromorphs. These undead creatures manifest themselves through the corpses of fallen humans, and like the original game, there will be sections where said Necromorphs will give players all they can handle.

Though some consider them the weakest part of the overall experience, the boss fights in "Dead Space" are always full of surprises and horrific Necromorph forms. Not every boss is extremely hard, but because of the game's emphasis on resource management and efficiency, some bosses will push players to the absolute limit before they find themselves losing patience or dying a brutal death. One boss, in particular, proves very frustrating not only because of its power but also because of the way it constantly forces players into uncomfortable situations.

The Leviathan's tentacles will ruin your day

Even going back to the original "Dead Space" game, the Leviathan appears at the end of Chapter 6 and is one of the most frustrating boss battles there is. Not only will the boss spit what can only be described as "flesh chunks" at the player while fighting it, but it will also use its tentacles to impede players' ability to effectively aim. Plus, if low on health, gamers will be literally ripped to pieces after one hit. For years, the Leviathan has given players trouble, with many stumped on how to beat it. Luckily, there are ways to make the fight easier.

As noted by PCGamesN, the Leviathan boss battle will immediately begin with the alien trying to use its tentacles to throw you off. The key to avoiding these pesky extra limbs is to use Isaac's gravity boosters to avoid being snagged. Before using its tentacles, the Leviathan will let out a distinctive roar. At that point, players must ready themselves to take evasive action. When the beast begins spitting exploding flesh chunks at players, they should use kinesis to launch the mass back at the Leviathan's mouth.

In between using kinesis — which will help save ammo — Prima Games recommended that players intermittently fire off rounds towards the Leviathan's mouth. Eventually, the monstrous creature will fall and players can put one nightmare behind them.