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There Are Only Two Near-Perfect Original Xbox Games, According To Metacritic

The original Xbox launched in 2001 to incredible success. It marked Microsoft's entry into the console wars and won over a generation of fans. Though it lost to Sony's PlayStation 2 in sales (per IGN), the Xbox earned an ongoing place for its brand, followed by the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and most recently, the Xbox Series X/S. Further, the original Xbox gave players some fantastic titles during its run in the 2000s.


While it may not have had the stunning library of games (including some almost perfect ones) that the PS2 would be remembered for, the Xbox did manage to hold its own. Indeed, according to Metacritic, two games for the original Xbox were nearly perfect. These two titles join an esteemed list of only 31 near-perfect games across all consoles and generations, giving the Xbox something to be proud of. Further, both titles would prove good enough to live on through sequels to today.

Grand Theft Auto Double Pack

When you take two of the highest-ranked "Grand Theft Auto" games and cram them together, it's no surprise that you end up with a near-perfect package. The "Grand Theft Auto Double Pack" combined "Grand Theft Auto 3" and "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," both of which received rave reviews when they were released on the PS2.


The "Double Pack" didn't introduce any new content, but it finally brought the series to the Xbox, opening up the experience to a new group of fans. Further, the Xbox version took advantage of the console's power to introduce sound and graphics improvements that improved the games.

Critics at the time celebrated the release, earning the game a phenomenal average score and cementing its place among the true greats of the original Xbox. However, one game beat out "Grand Theft Auto" to be the best Xbox game of all time, and longtime Xbox fans likely won't be surprised by this one.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Topping the list of original Xbox games and earning a score as close to perfect as any game could hope for is none other than "Halo: Combat Evolved." The game that began the wildly successful "Halo" franchise redefined FPS gameplay on consoles. Its success also made the Master Chief an unofficial mascot of the Xbox and made the Spartan armor an iconic look.


Even after numerous sequels and spinoffs, the first of the series still ranks as one of the best "Halo" games of all time. It set the standard for everything that followed in the series and its multiplayer helped shape other shooter series for years to come with some claiming it surpassed "GoldenEye" in terms of influence (per Edge).

Microsoft seemed aware of the hit it had on its hands as "Halo" was made a launch title to highlight the possibilities of the Xbox. In this, the game certainly succeeded, starting off the new console with a smash hit and leaving a legacy that lives on in sequels and other shooters it inspired to this day.

We're now a long way on from the days of the original Xbox but it still lives on in the series and developers that found success on the console. Sporting two near-perfect games and lots of other great ones, the Xbox gave fans plenty to be nostalgic about.