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The Last Of Us' Nick Offerman Reveals Why He'll Never Play Video Games Again

Mild spoilers ahead for Episode 3 of "The Last of Us."

Video games aren't for everyone — even people who have starred in an adaptation of one. The third episode of HBO's "The Last of Us" has been receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike for its portrayal of a love story after the apocalypse. "Long Long Time" not only confirms a longstanding fan theory about the character of Bill, but expands upon the story of the games to explore his relationship with his husband, Frank. 

The episode's two leads, Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett, have been applauded for their heartfelt performances in the episode, which brings the emotional potency of the acclaimed video game adaptation to new heights. However, even though he seems to have been born to play the role of Bill, Nick Offerman has never played the original video game that inspired the series. In fact, the beloved "Parks and Recreation" star has vowed not to play a video game ever again.

Yes, as it turns out, Offerman is no stranger to the world of video game addiction — but fans may be surprised to learn which game led him to swear off the hobby for good.

Nick Offerman on the game that made him quit gaming

During a recent interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the topic of conversation quickly turned to whether or not Nick Offerman enjoyed playing video games in his spare time. He quickly said that he did not, and had not picked up a video game in over two decades.

"I'm very indulgent. I lost a couple of weeks to a video game called 'Banjo-Kazooie,'" Offerman explained to some cheers from the crowd. "Two weeks went by ... Then it's over, and you're like, 'yes, I won,' and immediately, I'm like, 'what have I done with my life?'" According to Nick Offerman, that was the moment when he decided not to give himself over to video gaming ever again. 

As noted by journalist and editor Nick Statt on Twitter, some gamers have been put off by Offerman's comments. However, Statt argues that this story just serves to make Nick Offerman more relatable to folks who sank hours upon hours into playing Nintendo 64. Statt notes, "'Banjo-Kazooie' implores players to collect 120 jigsaw puzzle pieces, a feat that can take dozens of hours of play." With that in mind, it makes total sense that Nick Offerman could have lost a good bit of time to the classic platformer.

Nick Offerman is the latest in a line of TV leading men who have had to give up video games in the name of their careers. Just last year, "Stranger Things" star David Harbour revealed that his addiction to "World of Warcraft" almost ruined his life. After transferring this level of obsession over to playing "The Sims," Harbour eventually managed to walk away from gaming pretty much entirely, realizing he'd rather be an actor in the real world than in the virtual one.

Nick Offerman is still impressed by today's games

Just because Nick Offerman has sworn off gaming, that doesn't mean he lacks respect for the medium. As a matter of fact, Offerman thinks that video games might be a little bit too incredible at this point, which has only encouraged him to stay far away from them.

During the interview, TV star went on to praise the level of quality in modern gaming, noting that it would be much harder for him to kick the habit these days. He said, "Games have gotten so good, like 'The Last of Us,' that I think I'd be in a basement and I wouldn't even be going to audition for shows like this." It's probably a good thing that Nick Offerman jumped ship in the Nintendo 64 days, as video games are only going to become more immersive and realistic over time.

After putting gaming in the review mirror, the actor managed to make a long and fruitful career for himself, to the point where he almost wasn't available to work on HBO's acclaimed series. Luckily for viewers, Offerman was able to clear some room in his schedule to work on "The Last of Us" adaptation, bringing a fan favorite character to life in a whole new way. The results speak for themselves, as fans of "The Last of Us" have been in awe of Nick Offerman's performance, with some calling for the actor to win an Emmy. Not bad for a guy who was once held captive by "Banjo-Kazooie."