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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Free Cosmetics On Day One

The critics who have enjoyed "Hogwarts Legacy" have pointed to the sheer number of activities and options in the game as one of its strong points. One of the things players can invest a lot of time into is customizing their characters, whether by using the in-depth creation tool at the beginning of the game or by equipping and styling items to make them look their best. Players can snag cosmetics to aid in personalizing their protagonist, and the game offers free cosmetics right from the start.


Before players even create their character, there's an option to unlock two items: the Beaked Skull Mask and the House Fan-atic School Robes. The Fan-atic School Robes are of particular interest to "Harry Potter" fans, as their design changes depending on what House the player is in.

All it takes to get these is a few minutes and an internet connection, and some players may already have certain steps completed without even realizing it. Keep reading to learn how to unlock these cosmetics in "Hogwarts Legacy."

The Harry Potter Fan Club and WB Games

As Portkey Games explained in a support post, all it takes to unlock the Beaked Skull Mask and the House Fan-atic School Robes is to link accounts for the Harry Potter Fan Club and WB Games to "Hogwarts Legacy."


This process is fairly simple. First, create a Harry Potter Fan Club account at the official Wizarding World site, which just takes a few minutes and a bit of personal info. Once that account is created, players can go to the Wizarding World's Legacy Connect page to take a more in-depth House placement quiz than the one in "Hogwarts Legacy." This should prove to help players pick the perfect house before they start the game (even though the game also has a truncated Sorting quiz).

There's also a seven-question wand test that will assign players a wand, which can also be used in-game! Once that's done, there will be a button that says "Go to WB Games." Following that link allows players to connect a WB Games account to a Harry Potter Fan Club account. Once the two are synced, the WB Games site allows players to link their console or PC account. Upon launching the game, the free cosmetic items will automatically be in the inventory and available for use.


Players can also get additional cosmetics by getting the Collector's Edition of "Hogwarts Legacy," of course, but this is a great (and free!) way to get a fashionable head start.