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Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition: What's Included?

It's almost time for fans to begin their own wizarding journey in "Hogwarts Legacy," which releases February 10, 2023. With the full launch less than six months away, Warner Bros. Games has revealed the "Hogwarts Legacy" Collector's Edition, designed to appeal to the most hardcore of "Harry Potter" fans. "Hogwarts Legacy" is going to cost $70, with the Deluxe Edition running $80, and the Collector's Edition costing $300 on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. The last-gen versions all run $10 cheaper for each tier. 


Although the RPG appears to be the dream game for many people who grew up either reading the books or watching the movies, the game has been mired with some unfortunate controversy. To put it plainly, people are worried about "Hogwarts Legacy." Between potentially offensive portrayals of goblins, a former design lead promoting anti-feminist ideas, or author JK Rowling's controversial history of anti-transgender remarks and stances, "Hogwarts Legacy" seems to attract negative attention. Fans are still hopeful that the game can rise above the controversy and impress gamers everywhere.

Anyone who is still excited for "Hogwarts Legacy" and wants to nab some exclusive collectibles from the world of "Harry Potter" should look into the Collector's Edition. Here's everything in the "Hogwarts Legacy" Collector's Edition.


What does Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition include?

Both the standard version and the Deluxe version of "Hogwarts Legacy" are available digitally, but if you want the Collector's Edition, you will need to nab a physical copy. The Deluxe Edition only offers two bonuses, both of which are also available in the Collector's Edition.


The "Hogwarts Legacy" Collector's Edition includes:

  • The Dark Arts Pack, which includes a Dark Arts-themed Battle Arena, cosmetic set, Garrison Hat, and Thestral Mount (also in Deluxe version)

  • 72 Hours Early Access, which lets players start their journey a few days early (also in Deluxe version)

  • Floating wand with book base statue, featuring a massive wizarding book and a "floating" life-sized wand above it

  • Collector's Edition Box featuring an eye-catching blue and gold design.

  • A steelbook game case bearing all of the Hogwarts houses' crests on the front.

  • A physical copy of the game

While there is plenty to like in this Collector's Edition, like the life-sized wand and book statue, some aspiring wizards may find the price a bit steep at $300. If you are only looking for digital goodies, the Deluxe Edition will get you any exclusive in-game items you might want.