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Fire Emblem Engage: The 3 Best Animals To Adopt

One of the major new features that has been added in the critically successful "Fire Emblem Engage" is the Somniel, a floating island that serves as the home base for the majority of the game. Players can visit this fortress in the clouds whenever they want in order to take a break from the action, build relationships with their companions, or prepare the weapons and materials that they will need for the next battle.

One of the main areas in the Somniel is a place called the Farmyard. Here, players can take care of animals that they find while they are out exploring the world in the post-battle Exploration phase. Animals that can be adopted are marked with orange dots on the map. All a player needs to do to collect these adorable creatures is to approach them and interact with them. They will then be sent to the Farmyard where the player can visit them whenever they wish.

There are 24 different kinds of animals that can be adopted in the game and each of them has certain items that they can drop for the player as a reward. Not all of these rewards are equally valuable, however. Many of them are commonly found in world exploration while others are extremely useful or quite rare. Here are the three best pets to adopt in the game.

Elyosian Dogs

These delightful pups are one of the easiest types of animals to find in the game, which is lucky because they are also one of the best. That's because they provide Iron, Silver, and Silver Ingot reward drops for players. All of the other animals that players can adopt provide food-based resources that are exclusively useful in cooking. That's not a bad thing, but food isn't the only resource that players need. The metals that are provided by Elyosian dogs are incredibly valuable for engraving and refining weapons at the Forge and Smithy. They can also be exchanged for other metals or used as currency at the Boutique, so it definitely pays to have a constant source of them coming into the Somniel.

There are technically three varieties of Elyosian Dogs that are differentiated by color: Elyosian Dog (basic), Black Elyosian Dog, and White Elyosian Dog. All three of them grant the same kinds of reward drops though, so it doesn't really matter which type the player chooses to go with. All they need to do is give one (or more) of these lovable puppers a nice home, and they will reward the player with some much-needed ore.

They can be found in Firene, Brodia, Elusia, and Solm.

Aura Eagle

Next up is the Aura Eagle. This proud bird of prey is probably the best animal for gathering different sources of meat in the game. Most of the animals that players can adopt only reward them with a single resource like Milk, Eggs or Nuts. The Aura Eagle drops Beef, Chicken, Mutton, and Pork. Not only is that a significantly wider variety of resources, but these are the central ingredients for many of the meals in the game that offer the best bonuses to players and their dining companions (per The Gamer.) Having consistent access to these meats is particularly useful since many of them are incredibly difficult to find while exploring the open world.

That said, the Aura Eagle is also one of the rarer animals in the game. It can only be found in the Brodia region in the northwestern portion of Elyos and might take a while to spawn. Players who wish to find an Aura Eagle may have to spend a significant amount of time exploring The Kingdom of Might before they can get their hands on one. Still, players who have the opportunity to add one of these majestic birds to their Farmyard shouldn't pass it up.

Panna Camel

While the Aura Eagle is the best for finding the central ingredients for meals, the Panna Camel is the workhorse that supplies many of the side ingredients that fill out those meals. These creatures can reward players with Rice, Beans, Wheat Flour, and Spices –- four ingredients that are quite difficult to find in open exploration and that are used in a wide variety of different recipes. These might not be the centerpieces of most meals, but players will not be able to make many of the more extravagant dishes that they can share with their companions without them. This also makes the Pannal Camel the only other animal in the game that grants players four different kinds of rewards.

Like the Aura Eagle, the Pannal Camel is hard to get ahold of though. It can only be found in the matriarchal country of Solm, hidden amidst its arid deserts.

Still, it might not be the most colorful addition to the Farmyard, but players who are exploring Solm should definitely keep their eyes peeled for this humble camel as it will help them to make numerous delicious meals for Alear to enjoy and share with companions.