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Pokemon Go: The New Shinies You'll Find During The Valentine's Day 2023 Event

Love is in the air in "Pokémon Go," and the Valentine's Day 2023 event, Mythical Wishes, is offering plenty of ways to celebrate. In fact, a few Pokémon are having their Shiny forms added to the game, and lucky players may be able to get them before the event is over.


Mythical Wishes runs from February 8, 2023 to February 14, 2023. The event includes new cosmetic items, new Limited Research tasks, new raid Pokémon (including Mega Gardevoir), event-specific hatched Pokémon (Lickitung, Smoochum, Happiny, Frillish, and Alomomola), and much more.

But most exciting of all, the event will feature increased odds for players to encounter Nidoran, Skitty, Volbeat, Illumise, Woobat, Flabébé, Furfrou, Morellul, Chansey, Audino, and Alomomola — and there's a heightened chance that these will be Shiny variants, as well. Additionally, several Pokémon will see their Shiny versions arrive in the mobile game for the very first time.

Mega Gardevoir, Frillish, and Tapu Lele

While Frillish and Tapu Lele have been in "Pokémon Go" for some time, the official event announcement from Niantic explained that their Shiny forms will actually be debuting in the game with Mythical Wishes. Frillish can be found in the wild, but it will also be available as Timed Research rewards, egg hatches, and even Field Research task rewards. In other words, you have plenty of opportunities to snag this cutie for yourself. Tapu Lele, meanwhile, can only be found in Five-Star raids.


Mega Gardevoir's coming to "Pokémon Go" for the first time in the Valentine's Day 2023 event, and it'll still only be available in Mega Raids. If you're hoping to add Mega Gardevoir to your Pokédex but don't have a ton of trainers close by to assist in the raid, never fear. By using Poke Genie, the one app all "Pokémon Go" players need, players can assemble teammates from around the world to take down Mega Raids and catch Mega Gardevoir.

These new Pokémon join some other timed-event Shinies, such as the heart-patterned Spinda. Combee, Litleo, Ralts, Hippopotas, Eevee, Pikachu, and Luvdisc will also show up as Field Research task rewards.