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Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Think They've Discovered A Hidden Trailer Message

The Nintendo Direct on February 8 gave fans another long-awaited trailer for "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom." And just like after the last trailer was released, fans have been analyzing every detail (as well as comparing it to other classic games). Among all the speculation, some think they've found a hidden message at the end of the trailer.

On Twitter, games journalist James Troughton clipped an unnerving soundbite from one part of the trailer, then played it backward to try and figure out what the cryptic voices are saying. He explained, "it sounds kind of like "must kill us" or "must give us... you." Even with this compelling theory, it's difficult to definitively say if the voices are speaking English or one of the languages in Hyrule.

Reversing the audio here continues a trend with "Tears of the Kingdom" trailers. Back in 2021, fans were convinced that everyone had been watching the original trailer wrong, especially when they realized that parts of the trailer lined up perfectly when played in reverse. The theme seems to have made a reappearance, and some fans have noted that the eerie voices in the new trailer sound the same forwards and backwards. Other fans have jokingly weighed in with theories other than forward/backward audio, with one fan suggesting that this might be the first-ever case of "sideways" audio.

However, many have ideas as to where the reversed voices lead us after the second "Tears of the Kingdom" trailer.

The connection to Twilight Princess

Many fans speculated that "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" seems to contain a suspicious number of nods "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." Twitter user @Prof_NoFace shared that the speech at the end reminded him of Midna, one of the main characters in "Twilight Princess." One of Midna's signature characteristics is her garbled speech, which YouTuber Xenogamer explained are actually broken-up sound clips that are put together to sound like English words.

The similarities don't end there. Twitter user @loveevenharder thought that fans get a glimpse of the Ganondorf from the "Twilight Princess" timeline, as evidenced by the wounds in his chest. However, this theory is still highly debated among the community. They also pointed out one small detail that many may not have known: "Link losing his arm is a direct parallel to the (non-canon) 'Twilight Princess' manga." Others pointed towards the Nazca-esque pattern and Twili symbols on the Master Sword as more evidence that the new game might incorporate "Twilight Princess" in some way.

Until "Tears of the Kingdom" is released on May 12 or Nintendo gives more insight, fans won't know which (if any) of these speculations are true. Still, the garbled speech sure seems to have stoked the fires of these fan theories.