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Destiny 2: Lightfall: How The New Strand Subclass Works For Each Class

"Destiny 2" fans have been anticipating new subclasses and a new damage type to accompany them since an interesting leak in August 2022. Shortly after, it was confirmed that new subclasses were indeed coming with the "Lightfall" expansion and that these new subclasses would be built around a mysterious new Darkness power known as the Strand. Now, with "Lightfall" arriving at the end of February, Bungie is offering more details about Strand and how it will affect combat.


In a news post from the dev team and a special Strand Trailer, fans are being shown a glimpse into what's to come. Although Strand, associated with the color green, represents the very "fabric of the universe," Guardians will soon be able to manipulate it to defeat their enemies.

Guardians can weave Strand to produce various effects, including suspending enemies in midair, creating explosions, and debuffing powerful foes. These weaves can also be used defensively, creating a layer of armor known as Woven Mail. Finally, a notable highlight of Strand use is weaving a grappling hook to swing around the map and zip into close combat to launch enhanced melee attacks on enemies.

While all Guardians will have access to these basic abilities thanks to new grenade types (which include a grappling hook) and Fragments, each class gets a new subclass to go along with this new power.


Hunter Threadrunner

Guardians intrigued by the new grappling hook will be drawn (no pun intended) toward the Threadrunner. The Hunter subclass sports all sorts of powers that make great use of the grapple for both mobility and attack.


The Threadrunner's melee attack, Threaded Spike, is practically another ranged attack. The Hunter can hurl a weaved spike on a thread that can strike multiple enemies and earn melee energy for hits. They can also earn a bonus to this energy if they press the melee button as the spike returns to the, snatching it out of the air.

The Threadrunner also comes with two Strand Aspects. Ensnaring Slam unleashes a ground slam attack while swinging through the air. Widow's Silk provides an extra grenade charge and the ability to immediately regain charges while swinging, creating an opportunity for continuous grapple movement.

Finally, the Super, Silkstrike, switches the player to third-person and allows them to swing through the air while using their spike to attack enemies from above. Flying like Spider-Man and striking like Scorpion from "Mortal Kombat" sounds like a deadly combination.


Warlock Broodweaver

While the Threadrunner swings above, the Broodweaver deals out debilitating attacks and damage from the ground.

The melee attack, Arcane Needle, is also a ranged attack, throwing a tracking shot at an enemy that deals damage and also unravels them. An unrevealed enemy will have Strand threads roll out from them to hit other enemies to deal more damage and unravel debuffs, potentially creating a massive chain reaction.


Meanwhile, the Broodweaver's Aspects are based around generating explosions with Threadlings, small bundles of weaved thread that will follow the Guardian and rush toward enemies, exploding and dealing damage. Weaver's Call will create three Threadling eggs whenever the Broodweaver casts Rift. These eggs will hatch into Threadlings to serve the Guardian. Mindspun Invocation, on the other hand, will generate Threadling eggs when an enemy is hit with a grapple melee and full-grown Threadlings when a Threadling Grenade is consumed. Further, Mindspun Invocation also allows a Guardian to consume a Shackle Grenade to activate an effect that causes suspending detonation whenever an enemy is killed.

Finally, the Super, Needlestorm, will do just what the name suggests. It throws out a storm of needles that not only deal damage and block access to an area but will also explode "into an army of Threadlings" after the damage has been done.


Titan Berserker

While the Hunter and Warlock subclasses focus on ranged damage, Strand turns the Titan into a raging Berserker specializing in fighting up close.

The Titan's melee, Frenzied Blades, sprouts Strand blades from their arms and causes them to rush forward to cut down enemies. Moreover, this melee comes with three charges, allowing Titans to hurl themselves into the action and get multiple swings in.


Meanwhile, the Titan's aspects also support this aggressive playstyle. For example, into the Fray generates Woven Mail for the Titan and allies in the area whenever they destroy a Tangle. This armor offers them greater protection while fighting up close and speeds up their melee regeneration. On the other hand, Drengr's Lash will send the Titan rushing forward, suspending enemies in their wake, whenever they activate their class ability.

Finally, the super, Bladefury, brings back the Strand arm blades for an extended period of time. A Titan can slice and dice across the battlefield with both a light and heavy attack.

For those that want to see the pure, brutal power of the Strand, the Titan will be the way to go.