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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Open Eye Chests

Despite the controversy, "Hogwarts Legacy" is still breaking records and critics have said the overall experience is a solid one — though SVG's Sam Watanuki may disagree. For all those who are jumping into the wizarding world, there are plenty of secrets to find, and one of the game's earliest are the large eye chests scattered around Hogwarts castle. 

Yes, eye chests. Shortly after being sorted into one's house and following a brief introduction of the game's Field Guide from Professor Weasley, players are finally set loose to run about Hogwarts. As one explores the halls and grounds of the castle, chests with large, central eyeballs are a fairly common sight. Should players approach these chests, the eyes become more alert, and the chests hurriedly shut themselves up tight while glowering at the player. While one may be tempted to hurl their basic spell casts at the chests in order to pry them open, these greedy treasure boxes are indestructible. Opening them requires a bit of wizard trickery rather than brute force.

Players will need the Disillusionment charm to open eye chests

Within Hogwarts, there are plenty of areas that are locked off to players until they learn the proper spells, but there is a number of equally locked collectibles as well. Players cannot light dragon torches, for example, until learning Incendio or Confringo, and some statues won't reveal their secrets without the use of Levioso. 

For eye chests, however, the spell isn't to be cast directly at them. Rather, players must cast the Disillusionment charm around themselves. Luckily, it doesn't take too long to unlock this spell, so long as one pursues the main questline for a bit. Completing the quest "Secrets of the Restricted Section" unlocks the Disillusionment spell, and players may then make themselves nearly invisible.

Not nearly as effective as Harry Potter's famous cloak, perhaps, but enough to fool the eye chests in "Hogwarts Legacy." So long as one casts the spell before approaching an eye chest, the selfish little boxes won't see the player approaching. Once the chest is within reach, players can throw it open and enjoy a sense of victory as the chest's eye flitters around in vain to see how it could have possibly been bested. Of course, wizards will also obtain a hefty sum of 500 gold galleons for their efforts. 

Most other forms of chests in "Hogwarts Legacy" reward the player with cosmetics or a randomized piece of gear, but eye chests will always give that handsome cash prize. With the bustling wizarding town of Hogsmeade and its shops just a quick trip away from the castle, players will want to sneak up on and open any eye chest that crosses their path in order to line their pockets with some extra spending money.